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Fat Friday! September 18, 2009

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Happy Friday ya’ll!

Yesterday was a very tough day! I ended up throwing up several times yesterday for not paying attention to when I eat and when I take my medication.  Not fun! I felt like crap most of the day.

So today I had to come up with a better game plan and play close attention to my meds schedule. This morning I took a tip from my friend Laura and got up in enough time to cook myself some Quaker oatmeal (not instant). I mixed a little Silk soy milk, sugar free maple syrup and raisins… YUM! At only 150 calories, 2.5 fat grams and 4 grams of fiber it was perfect and lasted me till lunch!IMG00520


I was very pleased with myself for breakfast and made a huuuuuge mistake right after eating. For some reason I went against my cardinal rule of not weighing myself every day. I don’t know what I was thinking! I get on the scale and I had gained a half a pound! What the heck!? And that was with throwing up several times the day before! (again… not on purpose) I know I shouldn’t have gotten on the scale and I smacked myself for it. “I will not get on the scale till Thursday, I will not get on the scale till Thursday”.

I didn’t let it get me down. I held strong today with some fat free Snyders mini pretzels for a snack in class and water. I enjoyed a yummy Lean Cuisine lasagna and water for lunch. And as we speak I’m snacking on some cantaloupe and homemade iced green tea to try and cool me off in this 104 degree heat! I also did 60 crunches and lunges today… baby steps.

All in all it was a good day. I didn’t barf, and I was able to come home and not shove crap in my face after being in a cake shop that reeked of the sweet stench of cake batter and icing…

Now to conquer the weekend! Wish me luck.



4 Responses to “Fat Friday!”

  1. laura Says:

    yay for oatmeal! even switching up the recipe with vanilla extract and cinnamon can give a new twist to your morning 🙂 Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger has some awesome recipes to help with your new eating habits! I’d check her out if you ever need any extra inspiration.

  2. cutterwatson Says:

    I have three words for you…….Diet Dr. Pepper. This is a vice for myself and several friends. Another personal favorite to avoid the caffein is Diet AW Rootbeer. A friend of ours who is pregnant and I dig it!! I can NOT STAND diet soda and diet Pepper, AW, Coke Zero are personal favs!!! I am a DEW girl and I hate Diet Dew……it’s really gross. It doesn’t really taste like Dew at all! Soooo……my need for a soda fix was cured with the sodas above. Also, if you want to do videos, try putting your dvd’s and cd’s in your personal computer and/or laptop. Erin puts her 8min abs, arms, legs and buns in the lap top and takes it wherever she’s going to work out. Check out your kid’s video game players, if you have one, most play dvd’s now too! Lastly……GREAT JOB! We are not actually admiting we are dieting because we want to be healthy forever! I have lost much more than I had thought and we just completed week 3. I believe it’s the attitude we have and girl I am SOOOO proud you didn’t eat that hashbrown!! It’s not easy and some day down the road you can have one. But breaking your current cycle of nibbling on bad stuff is the goal now. We have breakfast ideas from my dr. We actually have a two week diet and we can mix and match any meal for any day or time of day we like. We do not use it now because we know in our heads what we need to do, but you can check it out if you like. And, my biggest challenge is bread. I have not eaten bread in a long time now. I would LOVE to, but I don’t. I love toast and rolls and all that stuff. Today I had a half a spinach wrap, so that helped, although, it’s worse for me than the bread we eat!! You’re gonna be fine and I’m following you!!! Let me know if you need anything!! GREAT JOB!!

  3. Darlyn Says:

    I think you’re doing great. You’re just now starting to get real serious about losing weight so you will find some obstacles and rough spots to overcome. But you can do it! You’re doing better than me LOL. I hate breakfast. But I do enjoy Lean Cuisine. My favs are the fettucini alfredo and chicken fettucini alfredo

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