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So Far So Good. September 20, 2009

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Happy Sunday Ya’ll!

I took the day off from blogging yesterday and just focused on me. I had a real rough time sleeping Friday night due to the temperature. My family is trying to cut costs and the AC was the first to go. I received some bad news in the mail Friday which sent my stress level through the roof. On top of that I had to try and prepare 6 chapters worth of flash cards for my up coming Anatomy exam. I went to bed exhausted! No rest for the wicked I guess.

My son woke me up around 6:30am… YAY! I got him his breakfast and tried to close my eyes for a little longer, but it just wasn’t happening. I made my version of tin soldiers. A British breakfast for children that is just a piece of toast cut into strips and a soft-boiled egg. Normally you just crack the egg open a bit at the top and dip the toast sticks into the egg. I’m not a fan of soft-boiled eggs, so I cook it over easy place it on top of a whole grain piece of plain toast, cut it up and kinda mix it all together so the toast soaks up the yolk. Thankfully that and a glass of water was enough to keep my medicine from getting angry at me. It’s been very trial and error so far.

I had a study date with my friend Shella mid morning which I was excited about because Shella is a great gal who has a hefty load on her plate and still finds time to hop on her bike almost every day. I armed myself with a healthy snack so I wasn’t tempted to eat junk while studying, plus I didn’t know how long we would be going. I had some chile lime almonds that kept me going.


Went home around noon to have lunch. Lunch consisted of  tuna with a bit of low cal mayo (best foods double whipped is pretty dang close to the real thing), put on a couple of lightly salted rice cakes and a pickle. I know I know,  it doesn’t sound that appetizing, but it’s reeeeaaaaallllly good. I eat it even when I’m not trying to lose weight. It’s a great way to cut out some unnecessary carbs. And a good pickle is awesome when you have that craving for salt. They’re zero points on Weight Watchers and a great way to munch and not feel like crap about doing it. I always have a jar in the house.

I went grocery shopping at Win-Co. Got a ton of fruits and veggies. I also got some ground turkey to make my famous (well not really lol) turkey meatloaf. I’ll be putting the recipe up this week along with a picture. Really easy, very low cal and very Tasty!

Dinner was yummy. Something I’ve learned is to take things that are normally high in calories and fat… find something that’s comparable to them and switch them out. Next week I will go into more detail about that, but for example instead of regular baked potatoes, I almost always switch it out for a sweet potato. They’re much better for you. A lot more vitamins and they’re complex carbs.. which our body needs!

After dinner the whole family went for a walk to the park so the little man could play while we walked around the grass. 4 times around makes a mile. The grass was a bit soggy and I found it  actually added to the work out. We treated ourselves to some warm berries over low cal double churned vanilla ice cream.


A little sweet talk and I was granted AC privileges for the evening and I slept like a champ! I have a ton of ideas about what I will be talking about next week! I’m excited!

Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!



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