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The Truth September 23, 2009

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s been a crazy week so far. It’s officially the beginning of test time in my classes as well of the onset of stress! I have not exercised this week as much as I was hoping I would. To be perfectly honest with you… I hate excercise. I have never been a fan, and with the temperature it has just made me more lethargic and un willing to do any type of physical activity. What I SHOULD do is treat it as I do school work. I’m not a fan of homework, studying or writing papers on things I truly have no interest in, but I do it. Why? Why can I commit myself to finishing school but not walk around a track for a half hour? You would think it would be so easy!? I know that I’m not going to see the results I’m looking for by just altering my eating habits alone and yet I can’t seem to consistently get out on a regular basis and do some sort of excercise. I do little things like run up the stairs instead of walk and I’ve been parking my car as far as I can from my point of destination. But that’s not enough.

I can sit here and list a ton of viable excuses for my lack of motivation. But I won’t because I’m not a fan of excuses. I also indulged on some food items yesterday that I’m hoping won’t affect me to much. I made some pretty cupcakes for my friend Shellas birthday. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting… yeah… what was i thinking? I truly had every intention of only eating one when I gave them to her. But I had saved some plain ones so that my son could have fun decorating some when he got home. And I just couldn’t resist. I ate one! And yes, I had another while at Shellas house. I was really good pretty much all that day. I had my oatmeal for breakfast, a lean cuisine for lunch and a chicken and rice bowl for dinner. No soda and plenty of water. But I went to bed feeling fat and bloated. I even text my friend Darlyn to voice my worry of feeling like I’m not losing weight.

I didn’t let it get to me and I knew that 2 cupcakes will not come between me and my goal. This morning I woke up to the answer of why I’ve been feeling so heavy and sluggish. Yay for being a woman! On one hand I was happy that it’s my time of the month and I’m not feeling fat because I’m doing anything wrong with my diet. But tomorrow is weigh in day and most likely this will affect it negatively. I’m nervous there might even be a gain in tomorrows weigh in. I’m trying to compensate as much as I can today. I went with an egg for breakfast and plan on having a Special K protein shake for lunch. I’m also drinking lots and lots of water. So we’ll see how it goes.

Wish me luck!



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