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I’m Back October 8, 2009

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Okay so after much peer pressure from friends I have come back.

I won’t get into much detail about what happened, those that are close know what’s been going on. Long story short, life has thrown some huge obstacles my way and I’ve been so consumed with worry, I truly couldn’t think of anything else. Due to the stress and worry I have been going through, I got really ill and was put on bed rest for about a week. With the help of some much needed rest, and medications I’m feeling a bit better. Unfortunately the stressors are still there and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon, but thanks to some friends convincing me that I should keep up with my blog to help focus on something positive, so here I am.

So what have I been up to? Have I been keeping up with my plan? And have I lost any weight in the two weeks I’ve been absent? In the last two weeks I really haven’t done much. I’ve been keeping to myself and in bed most of the time. It’s funny, the way I eat usually depends on the stress that’s going on in my life. If it’s just every day stress I can’t stop eating. I eat and eat and eat. If it’s stress due to a depression I can’t eat at all. And that’s pretty much where I’ve been. Just not hungry, no desire to eat and when I did, I just didn’t feel good. Sounds like the dream diet lol! Only problem is because I wasn’t taking care of myself I ended up with bronchitis and close to pneumonia. They weighed me at the Doctor’s office and I was 156. Two weeks ago I was 158. I do not recommend not eating. I wasn’t trying to starve myself, I wasn’t even thinking about my weight. It was an emotional response to what was going on around me. For the most part I think most women’s eating habits are due to an emotional need.

When I got sick, they put me on antibiotics, cough medicine and a pain reliever. I was eating mainly chicken soup and water. Only problem was that wasn’t enough to keep me from feeling vomitty from all the meds. So I started eating crap just to fill me up and quiet the angry medications. I will be weighing myself tomorrow to see how badly it affected me. I do not expect a good number. I still have 4 days of meds left and I really need to get smarter about what I’m eating and when I eat.

I was watching a show on the We channel called The Seceret Lives of Women. And it was about women losing weight. There was a girl in college who is doing the same thing I am. Blogging her progress with pictures and video. She has done great. It was a great reminder that this can work and does make you accountable. So I will continue with my blog, even though life is a little crazy. Plus Ed told me the other day about his work out routine with his co workers… he’s going to come home looking all fit, I can’t have him come home to an out of shape girlfriend!

Till next time. Thanks for stopping by!



2 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. Darlyn Says:

    Hey hun. I’m really proud of you! I’m glad you decided to keep this going. You and Ed are going to look great and feel healthy in a few months! Keep it up. I’ll always be here to cheer you on. I need to lose the weight too LOL

  2. Shannon Says:

    Yay, Christy!! I’m so proud of you and will here to cheer you on as well. 🙂

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