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Weigh In Week #3 October 9, 2009

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Well hello all!

In keeping up with what I told you all I would be doing, I weighed in today. I was very nervous considering my eating habits have been all of the board. Today I am officially back on track. I made my oatmeal this morning with a cup of coffee and a piece of turkey meatloaf for lunch. I’m at school at the moment so I will post the recipe a little later today. I’m not sure what I will be doing for dinner this evening since my parents aren’t sure they will be home from their out-of-town trip. Because of that I want to allow myself some room in case dinner is last minute. So here’s the results!

10/9/09 – 155.5 lbs.

Wow! Totally unexpected! I figured I gained. I have a feeling next weeks reading might reflect better the bad eating I did while I was sick. But for right now I will celebrate my loss.  That makes about 4 pounds in 3 weeks. Not bad! Next week will be picture week. I’m sure there won’t be much of a physical change, my pants aren’t feeling loose or anything like that. I need to get a new scale though, as it sometimes gives false readings. I’ve had it tell me I’ve lost weight then a couple minutes later it says I gained weight. So we’ll see.

Tomorrow is the weekend! Cameron has a soccer game early in the morning and I’m the snack mom. It’s tough because I want to bring healthy snacks like water and fruit, but parents seem to bring juice and snack packs for the kids. I went for some 100% no sugar added juice and some whole grain granola bars. My son doesn’t like juice so hopefully the kids like it! My challenge for the weekend will by my friend and her husband coming out to go to the Fresno County Fair. As with all county fairs the main draw is the food and Fresno is no exception. Fresno is known for their fried treats and beeroughts (sp?). This year the fry man is unveiling a new concoction… a deep fried zucchini weenie. Saturday will be all about choices, and choosing wisely. I will indulge, it will just be which item I should indulge in, and not indulging in everything.

Wish me luck!



One Response to “Weigh In Week #3”

  1. Laura Says:

    Zucchini Weenie?! that’s awesome 🙂 You’re doing great kid. It sounds like you’re finally having some well-deserved fun!

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