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Weigh In Week #4 October 15, 2009

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Howdy ya’ll!

So it’s been a weird eating week for me especially yesterday. I’ve still been suffering from major stomach problems and I can’t seem to pin point the cause. yesterday I had a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast which normally satisfies me till lunch. But half way into my first class I was starving! And not just “oh I feel like I need a snack” kinda of hungry. It was full on “If I don’t eat something now I’m going to die” kind of hungry. The poor people next to me had to listen to my stomach screaming at me for the rest of class. I went to the cafe and there were no healthy options on the menu! Usually they have a turkey wrap or something like that as the special of the day. When I asked if I could get one any way she said they were all out! WTH?! My options on the daily specials list were a beef Gyro, Chili cheese fries, large bean rice and cheese burrito and a fried chicken sandwich. They have a grilled cheese sandwich on the regular menu so I went with that. If I had time I would have driven home and eaten something there. I ate it so fast! I felt like I haven’t eaten in days! I soon realized as I sat in my final class that the grilled cheese did not satisfy my hunger. I was still very hungry. I know I ate something when I got home, but I’m not lying when I say I don’t remember at all what it was.

By the time dinner rolled around I didn’t care what was in front of me, as long as it was food. My mother made easy stroganouff (sp?)made with lots of sour cream, cream of mushroom soup and meatballs. She accompanied it with homemade cheesy biscuits and brussel sprouts. I didn’t care about calories or fat, I just wanted my stomach to shut up! I didn’t go totally crazy and had a reasonable portion and tried to fill up on the brussel sprouts. I really have no idea what the un-satiable hunger was all about. But I knew todays weigh in would definitely reflect it.

10/15/09- 157.5 lbs.

Not what I was hoping for, but I knew my eating has been all over the board the last week. So I’m not going to get down on myself. At least I am still lower than what I started with!

Today I went with Cheerios again but I added a half of a banana to the mix. I love plain Cheerios and bananas. It’s 11am and I’m not feeling like I need to eat my hand. I feel like having a BLT for lunch.  A couple pieces of bacon is actually not that bad for you (turkey bacon isn’t any better for you caloricly) and with some whole grain bread and low fat mayo, it feels like you’re having something bad for you when it really isn’t!

I’m going to start making a plan of action for this weekends festivities. Homemade mexican food, margaritas, beer and cake… I have my work cut out for me. My mother is also planning a big breakfast on Sunday for our house guests. Needless to say none of this will be low fat, low in calories or that good for me in general. Maybe I can combat it with some exercise!?

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I will post my monthly picture.



2 Responses to “Weigh In Week #4”

  1. Darlyn Says:

    I’m so proud of you for keeping up with this blog. And it’s wonderful that you’re being very honest about what you eat. How about packing a snack to bring with you to your classes… munchies of some sort to tame your hunger till your next meal?

    OMG… Homemade mexican food… heavenly… How about I eat your extra portions for you? 😉

  2. Shannon Says:

    Hey pretty lady! How are you? Sorry we missed your party. We were so bummed. Can’t wait to see your next blog update. Have a great week!

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