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The Big 3-O October 20, 2009

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Hello everyone,

Well today is October 20th. 30 years ago today at Good Sam hospital in San Jose I was born. I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel older, or wiser. I do, however, feel very aware of the inevitable expiration date we all have. And what better day than today to work on pushing that date back as far as I can.

As I said yesterday I am now the proud owner of a Wii Fit. As soon as I got home from classes I got it all set up and went to work on it! For those who don’t know what the Wii Fit is, it’s a platform and game that senses your movement by calculating your weight and the pressure you place on it. I got the new Fit Plus that has customizable workouts, calorie trackers and some new games. You can now pick out specific “games” that target exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. I set up a 30 minute work out to burn calories and fat while toning my hips and thighs. I broke a sweat and burned 110 calories by the end of my work out. I love this because I don’t feel as if I’m working out. I think of it as playing a game that I want to beat. With the amount of games, combination of the games and different levels of difficulty there’s no limit to what you can do.

I started out with a warm up where you’re a chicken and you flap your arms to fly, lean side to side to steer and land on platforms to gain points and more time to complete the coarse. My son thought I looked funny flapping my arms like a chicken. I did a bicycle coarse, skateboarding, hula hooping, step aerobics and some yoga poses. My buns were burnin!

This morning I had a little soreness but nothing too bad. I got up and did some more this morning. I jogged and learned I need a good sports bra and some new tennis shoes for that exercise. I did rhythm karate (that is a winner so far) and some of the ones I did the day before. I also got my mother all set up so that while I’m in class she can work on it as well. And as I was walking out the door to go to class she was hula hooping like a pro.

I’m really excited about this! And there are tons of other games that use the Fit platform. Even Jillian from Biggest Loser has a workout game. I think this is just what I needed to get my head back in this weight loss thing and keep me on track. I’m looking forward to what kind of transformation it gives me.

Thanks for stopping by!



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