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Weigh-in Week #5 October 22, 2009

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Hey ya’ll!

I had a pretty good day yesterday. Did a great workout on the Wii, ate good and got some quality time in with the little one. I made the error of taking some Excedrine Migraine and drinking a cup of coffee a little too late in the day to try and rid myself of a massive headache I was starting to have. I had a real rough time sleeping because of it. Not to mention the numerous times I had to get up to pee because of all this water I’m drinking!

Late last night as I was trying to fall asleep my body got a bit confused and must have thought it was already morning time. I got real hungry around midnight. I ate a great dinner of some baked fish and an artichoke. I was satisfied at the end of dinner, so there was no reason to be hungry. I thought about getting up and eating a little something… well what I really wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich lol! But I knew if I ate something that late it wouldn’t digest properly and would just mess up my weigh-in today. So I fought the urge and forced myself to try and sleep.

When I woke up this morning I was excited and nervous. The Wii weighs me every time I get on but it doesn’t show the weight unless I ask to see it. What it does show is my BMI. That’s your body mass index. It compares your weight to height and can decipher if you’re at a healthy weight. There are four levels, under weight, healthy weight, over weight and obese. The only thing the Wii doesn’t show is where you hold your weight. Of course just being over weight is not healthy for any one, but studys show if you hold most of your fat in your chest and abdomen you have more risk for health problems. The fat puts unwanted pressure on your heart, lungs and other major organs and can make them work harder than they need to. My BMI is around 29 which is considered over weight. Ideally I should be around 22. Thankfully I hold most of my weight in my hips and thighs so I’m at less risk for serious health problems. Since I started this week I have seen my BMI go down a bit to 28.

And now for what you really came for! DRUM ROLL PLEASE……..

10/22/09 – 154 lbs.

I was so excited when I saw that number! And I can trust it more than the last week I weighed this because I weighed on the Wii and not our 15-year-old scale that changes from minute to minute.

Yay me! What’s even better is I’m really enjoying working out! This morning I woke up a little late due to the lack of restful sleep but the first thing I did was hop on the Wii. I did some strength training and yoga to warm up then moved on to cardio. I only have 30 minutes available this morning and burned about 85 calories. I found rhythm boxing is one of my favorites. I went to town this morning letting out all my stress and frustrations out on the bag on the screen. It was great! I felt really great after. When I get home today I plan on doing some more because my goal is to burn almost 300 calories a day.

I had a banana and coffee for breakfast because I ran out of time and had to rush out the door. But it’s 11am and I’m not feeling hungry. I will most likely have a sandwich for lunch, no cheese or mayo.

I’m feeling really great about what I’m doing and have restored my motivation. I’m wanting to put a countdown clock on the blog some how. If some one knows how to do that please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!



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