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Sweet Pain October 23, 2009

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Me and Cameron on my 30th bday party

Me and Cameron on my 30th bday party

Hello all!

Today I woke up feeling the sweet pain of muscle aches. I knew it would come and for a split second I thought “oh… there’s no way I’m getting on that thing today”. With the added menstrual cramps I sank into my bed a little deeper. I looked at the clock and knew if I didn’t get up then and jump on the Wii I probably wouldn’t at all. So I got up… stretched out and tried to shake away the laziness looming over my head.

My parents were heading out-of-town for the weekend so they dropped Cam off at school today, which left me with a house all to myself. Normally I would grab my coffee and watch tv till it was time to go to class. But since Friday’s are my shortest school day I wanted to take advantage of my workout this morning, so I could relax the rest of the day. I did some new strength training excercise and yoga to try and get my muscles going. Wow… there was nothing easy about them. I was shaking and grunting like I was lifting free weights. Just goes to show how much work I need when lifting my butt of the board is tough for me.  I did some of my faves again but felt a bit sluggish and wasn’t scoring what I normally have been. I only did 45 minutes this morning due to having to type up a paper for class.

I went with a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast.  Yum! Last night I had some left over fish for dinner and a Weight Watchers Fudgecicle for dessert. I love them! They’re big  and for those that are following Weight Watchers they are only 1 point!

The weekends are always the toughest. With my parents being gone, instead of making healthy meals for the whole family, I tend to just want something quick and easy. It’s a lot easier for me to get soda and eat junk when there’s no one watching me eat it and drink it. Cameron also has a birthday party to go to which usually means pizza and cake…

But I think I’m going to do okay. If nothing else I’m committed to the workouts and those have helped me stay motivated in the eating area.

Wish me luck!



2 Responses to “Sweet Pain”

  1. Shannon Says:

    So glad you are keeping yourself motivated. I have not been able to do the same lately and I feel crappy. Hopefully I’ll find some motivation like you have soon. Cute photo of you and your little man. :>

    • I get in non motivated modes a lot. I’ve been watching Biggest Loser and that’s been helping me get in a mind set to be consistant. For some reason Wrodpress is not sending me notifications when I get comments other wise I would have answered this sooner! Things that inspire me are The Biggest Loser, seeing people who have gone through some real tradgedies and have a major amount to lose, and yet they’re doing it. Also I look through healthy cook books and it helps me get excited about yummy food that’s good for me.

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