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Trying to make time. November 3, 2009

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Hello everyone!

It has been a very busy 5 days. Halloween was probably the busiest day I’ve had in a while! Between soccer games, studying and Halloween fun… I was wiped out! School has bogged me down with writing and studying and I’ve been finding it hard to squeeze in my workouts. Even harder is to find the time to sit down and eat a healthy meal!

The last couple days I’ve forgotten to eat breakfast and by the time lunch rolls around I’m starving! It’s a lot more difficult to make the right choices when you’re considering eating your own hand you’re so hungry. It’s been a lot of give and take the past few days. This blog is never far from my mind and has been helping me to stay as much on course as I can. Like I’ve said before, it’s baby steps. I’m not looking for some massive transformation, but as long as the scale steadily  goes down I’m happy.

Halloween I really didn’t eat much candy but we ordered pizza and I made cup cakes. Other than Dr. Pepper, pizza and cake are my weaknesses. It’s very hard for me to stick to the correct portion sizes. I was not happy with my self when I ate 3 slices and a cup cake. But the next morning I did an hour on the Wii. I challenged myself a little bit by doing some of the more advanced games. Cameron likes to watch me but I have found that at times he starts to nag on how much longer I will be so that he can play. So there’s a new rule that he can not ask how much longer when I’m doing my routine. 

Today I looked in the mirror before putting my clothes on and saw some subtle changes in my body. That was very exciting to me! My mommy belly is shrinking a bit, the double chin is getting smaller and I feel a lot tighter than I usually do. There are no dramatic changes but I notice them and that’s a start. I question if I will make my deadline, but if nothing else at least I’m not giving up!

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