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Weigh-In Week #7 November 5, 2009

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Happy Thursday everyone!

I actually don’t have much of anything new to inform you of as far as working out or eating goes. Last night I did the monthly grocery shopping and since it’s November that means Thanksgiving food! We are also having a birthday party for Cameron next week (he’s a Christmas Eve baby so it’s hard to do a party for him then). One of the biggest complaints of eating healthier is the price of the food. Fresh Fruits and Veggies can get pricey. Not to mention whole wheat and whole grain products are a bit expensive as well. Many experts contribute Americas increasing waistlines to the cheap cost of junk food. I’m not sure I totally agree with that theory but the price of healthier items are definitely noticable. So what do you do when you’re on a strict budget (like I am) and don’t want to eat crappy food? I’m proud to say that I did Thanksgiving, Cameron’s party food and our normal monthly foods for 4 people on less than $300.

I was really excited about that. I personally shop at Win-Co. Sometimes their produce isn’t the greatest, but if you stick with the things that are in season they’re really good. Braeburn apples for only .78 a pound! 8 lean cut pork chops for $5. Since fruits and veggies are usually what we spend most of the money on, I mix it up. I buy fresh fruits and veggies that are in season and you can’t get frozen. Then I buy lots of frozen veggies. Since they are flash frozen when they are at their peak of freshness they maintain their nutrients. Not to mention when prepared properly taste just as good as fresh. I look for deals on certain meats and fish. In general chicken is always a cheap choice and tilapia was on sale.  And my favorite way to save money is to buy generic. For the most part there really is no difference, cept for mayo lol.

Alright time to reveal my weight for the week…

11/5/09 – 153 lbs.

Wooohooo! I’m excited! I’m hoping in the next couple weeks I’ll reach the 10 pound mark. It’s really exciting to me that I seem to be inspiring some of you to get active. I love hearing that my friend started working out again because I got her motivated. This is a whole lot more than getting skinny to me. This is a way of gaining control of my life again and helping other people in the process. And although I focus on losing weight, I’m more excited about the journey I’m taking. To not give up and get discouraged when I get off track is a big deal for me. I’m honored that people come and not only read my story but get inspired to start their own journey.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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