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When No One’s Looking… November 7, 2009

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Happy Weekend ya’ll,

Okay so I’ve figured out when there’s no one in the house but me and Cam, I tend to gorge myself on food. It’s almost a feeling of, well since no one sees it, it doesn’t count. I went crazy last night for some reason! Went I got home I had a bowl of frosted flakes, I had a stuffed enchilada bun for dinner, a piece of boston cream pie for desert… followed up with a chocolate milk night-cap!  Don’t really have an excuse either. I got good news on a test, parents were out of the house so that stress wasn’t there and I was getting to watch the 3rd season of Dexter.

I wasn’t hungry, but for some reason I was craving junk! And no I’m not on my period. So I know when I fall off the wagon, I get right back on. I got up this morning, did a 30 minute Wii excercise and had a bowl of cream of wheat. But I’m falling off the wagon a little more than I’d like to. It seems that I either eat right and don’t exercise, or I exercise and don’t eat right. Any one got any ideas on how I can do both without feeling overwhelmed? Thankfully the exercise seems to be keeping me from gaining when I pig out. But I want to lose… not maintain.

I really need to get back to tracking my calories. The Wii has a cool thing on how many calories you want to burn a day and it updates you on what you have left after every game. I set it to 255 calories a day. That takes me about an hour and that’s just keeping me from gaining when I decide to do the whole bottomless stomach thing. I really haven’t been paying attention to points like I said I would. What I need to do is go through the fridge and pantry and point everything out. That way when I grab for something to eat, I already know how much it will cost me.  I also need to cut down on the food I eat at the campus cafe. Although I think I’m making the best choices, I can’t know for sure how much fat or calories are in those choices. For all I know they could be marinating their turkey breast in oil and butter before they cook it!



Turkey Pita Wrap with humus.

Although it sounds pretty healthy, I have no idea how they prepare the turkey breast, that’s a whole pita bread and I don’t know the ingredients to the humus. It was delicious. I love humus! I chose humus over the cucumber sauce because the sauce was a mayonnaise and yogurt base which = a lot of fat. BUT depending on the brand of humus, there could be a lot of oil and fat used in it as well. So I have no idea which really was the better choice.

Obviously the best way to ensure what’s going in your food is to make it yourself. But on those times you can’t you should really ask detailed questions (which I did not). Even though you think it is the healthy choice you’re making, veggies could be sauted in butter, same with chicken breast, things could have hidden fats that they don’t list on the description. The biggest misconception is thinking salads are safe. Salad dressings can be full of fat and calories. And depending on the salad, it could have eggs, meats and cheeses that can be just as bad as eating a burger.

Well I think I’m going to go do some calorie crunching and plan out my meals for the rest of the day! I hope the info was insightful for some of you!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!



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