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Long Time, No Posts… November 17, 2009

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Hey Ya’ll,

So sorry for the delay in postings! Last week was a crazy week. School was crazy and we got ready for my sons “fake” birthday party. Cameron was born on Christmas Eve, so it makes it hard for parties that involve his school friends. My aunt that we haven’t seen in almost 4 years came out for the weekend, so needless to say I was a little busy. So busy that I didn’t get much chance to do my work outs. But over the weekend I got caught up on Biggest Loser episodes, and boy did it motivate me! First thing Monday morning I turned on my Wii and did an hour workout burning 255 calories. I got out my food log and planned out what I was going to do for the day. I bagged up some carrots, pickled beets and a pickle to snack on during my day. I ran to the store before class and picked up some humus, light and fit yogurt, a fruit cup in natural juices and a big thing of water.  I ate the carrots with the humus… YUM! I really enjoyed the healthier choices I made, and I didn’t feel too hungry when I arrived home. Monday’s are my night classes so I try to eat dinner before I leave so I’m not tempted to drive through a fast food place on my way there or back. I had a turkey hot dog and a sugar-free chocolate pudding. I brewed up some coffee to sip on during class, and I was feeling real good about the day.

I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but usually my body revolts against me making drastic diet changes like I did yesterday. Towards the end of the night I started realizing a migraine was coming on. Almost like my body was real pissed off that I didn’t eat one bad thing. By 11pm it was full-blown and I couldn’t even close my eyes and get it to go away. I ended up having to take some migraine meds to kill it and once the sweet relief came I was out like a light. I’m hoping today my body has gone through its shock and I will not have to deal with any headaches. I got up bright and early this morning and hit the Wii again. I did my hour and burned the desired calories for the day, packed my snacks and headed off to class. I feel good today. I have an overall feeling of being lighter and cleaner. I have no more excuses. I can’t stand feeling sluggish and uncomfortable all the time. I watch tv and look at the women (even thought it’s not a good representative of healthy weight) and i realize there’s no reason why I can’t achieve the goal I’ve set for myself.

I will do this, whatever it takes… just watch me!



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