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Wine Tasting in Sonoma November 23, 2009

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Happy Monday Ya’ll

That’s right, this weekend I drove up to see some good friends for the weekend. All week I’ve prepared myself… knowing that I would be splurging on the foods I was going to be enjoying. I told myself that I was not going to deprive myself of anything, I would just try and not eat to the point of feeling gross. And if I had the options, to try and choose the better ones.  I had made lemon curd cupcakes for them that were not low in fat, calories or sugar lol. Thankfully they were a tad bit sweet for me so it wasn’t too hard to stay away from them. They took me to a mexican place for margaritas! Yummo! I hadn’t had much to eat that day in preparation for eating badly. We had some chips and salsa and queso con chorizo… which is just a bunch of melted cheese on a plate with chorizo on top…. FAT GIRLS HEAVEN! OMG it was good! I tried to keep myself under control so I didn’t order a dinner. I tried some of the beans and rice but just a little scoop. I decided to save my calories for the three margaritas I had! Those plus 2 glasses of red wine and I was done! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a drink let alone 5! Best sleep I’ve had in a long time though lol

Next day we started off with McDonald’s… but my thinking on this was, we won’t be eating much throughout the wine tasting so it’s okay…. lol not the best logic but I didn’t want to feel hung over all day either. We went to 4 wineries in Sonoma. It was absolutely beautiful.  The first winery had some cheeses and grapes to nibble on, but not much were offered at the others. I made sure to pace myself with the wine. I only took a few sips of each so that I didn’t get drunk or sick. We stopped at The Sonoma Cheese Factory. I couldn’t resist trying all the different cheeses since cheese is my kryptonite. But I was proud that I ordered a turkey burger instead of a regular one and had water instead of a soda! And boy was that turkey burger awesome! I split a custard filled empanada with one of the girls that joined us, it was just enough for a taste.  The rest of the day I drank my water and sipped wine. Dinner we enjoyed some more wine and an assortment of cheeses, spreads pita chips and chili con queso dip. Not the healthiest but this was my cheat weekend.

I had a blast! And as soon as I got home it was back to business as usual. I’m back on track with my usual routine. Although this morning I didn’t get my work out in due to the amount of tests and quizes I have today and I wanted to get in some last-minute studying in.

Thanksgiving is upon us and I’m trying to figure out a plan on how to tackle the plethora of unhealthy side dishes that my mother has already started to make. Again, I don’t plan on depriving myself of anything because I think that will ruin my Thanksgiving experience. But I will pick and choose what I really have to have and what I can live without. I’m going to try and load up on salad before I even look at turkey and stuffing! And lots and lots of water.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great holiday!



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