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I’m Thankful For… November 25, 2009

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Happy day before Thanksgiving ya’ll!

Thanksgiving is here! And I want to take a moment and reflect on what I’m thankful for. First, my son Cameron… he is the reason I was put on this earth and he’s my greatest accomplishment. I’m thankful that we have a place to live, food to eat and love to share. And lastly being able to further my education so that some day Cam and I won’t have to struggle.

So I wanted to come on and just give myself a little pep talk before the big day. Just to let you know what I’m up against tomorrow…

  • 22 pound turkey
  • home-made stuffing
  • corn bread stuffing
  • home-made dinner rolls
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • sweet potato, apple crisp
  • peas and pearl onions
  • 2 home-made pumpkin pies
  • home-made apple pie
  • appetizers: cream cheese and pepper jelly, crackers and other assorted dips and chips.
  • wine, sorbet and champagne cocktails
  • Oh and I almost forgot cranberry sauce and jelly

Yeah… I think that’s it.

Thanksgiving is a tough holiday. We all make an enormous amount of food and feel the need to eat as much as we can that day. This holiday usually marks the down ward spiral of holiday eating. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous. I promise I will enjoy my day. But I refuse to ruin my progress on a one day binge session!

So what am I going to do? What foods do I feel if I don’t eat I will be missing out on thanksgiving? Turkey is a must so I am going to choose white meat over dark and watch my portion. Stuffing… if you noticed we had 2 kinds, I love both, but the original stuffing is what I think of when I think Thanksgiving. Again it will be about portion sizes and sticking to it. I think I might pass on mashed potatoes and gravy since I can have those anytime (even though mashed tatters are a weakness). I will go with the sweet potato apple crisp because it’s fairly low cal and a lot more nutrients.  I will have some peas, but since peas have a high calorie count I have to portion those out as well.

This will be very hard because I loooooove everything. I plan on getting up and doing my exercise before the festivities begin and drowning myself in water all day long.

I can do this! Tell me what your weakness on Thanksgiving is and if you’ll be making any alterations to your feast this year. I would love to hear any tricks or short cuts you do around the holidays and what you’re thankful for during these tough times we are all going through.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!



2 Responses to “I’m Thankful For…”

  1. Darlyn Says:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving, Christy!

    Well, as much food as we had yesterday… I had 1 turkey wing, giblets, 2 small bites of mashed potato with gravy, 2 servings of cranberry sauce (my weakness), maybe 4 bites of stuffing, half of a roll and that’s it. No pie… I don’t eat pie o.O . I did my workout yesterday and today was my “day off”. Back at it tomorrow. Only a few days left before I’m done with the 30 day challenge… then it’s off to doing a dance workout 🙂 You and I can DO THIS!

    • Yay Darlyn! Good job! I actually went for a 30 minute job yesterday and remembered why I hate running! I was fairly good alhtough the snacky food got me. But I did my hour wii today and back to eating like I have been.

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