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Are we there yet? December 20, 2009

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Wow. It’s been awhile since I posted. Mainly because of finals. It’s been such a stressful couple weeks. But I’m happy to report I am officially done with the semester from hell. Yay! I’m fairly sure I did good in all my classes but I won’t really know till after Christmas (what kind of junk is that?)

So I would like to be reporting that I kept up with my excercise routine and eating healthy throughout the time I’ve been absent… But I can’t. I swear I did the freshman fifteen in the last two weeks of my Junior semester lol. Every piece of crap I could get my hands on, I ate it! I went on Dr. Pepper over load! I didn’t weigh, I didn’t excercise and I wasn’t sleeping. Luckily my pants still fit, so I know I didn’t gain too much back. I’m honestly afraid to get on the scale. But I will.

Next week we are heading off to Disneyland for my sons birthday and Christmas. I’m going to do my best to keep control of my eating. I’ve prepared already with healthy snacks to take and put in our back packs. My father bought a 12 pack of dr. pepper…. and the crack addict in me says “TAKE IT!” But I really don’t want to be a slave to it any more. Even with it sitting in the fridge I’ve dipped into it. Is there a Dr. Pepper anonymous somewhere? I need help.

I’ve come to terms that i most likely will not reach my goal by the deadline I’ve set for myself. But I will say this, I refuse to give up. I recently had a reminder of why I’m doing this. This is my chance to make myself a better person. And for those who come on this blog  just to get a laugh, maybe you need to look at yourself and ask yourself why you even feel the need to see what I’m up to. I guarantee you that I could care less what you’re doing and I sure wouldn’t waste my time trying to find out. That’s the last I will touch on that subject.

With that being said, those of you that have been uplifting and supportive, thank you. This past year has been a tremendous learning experience for me and I can only hope to grow and learn more with the upcoming year.

I will try to post from DL, but we will see. If not, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Oh… p.s.

I received a Kodak zi8 pocket video cam for an early Christmas present, soooo I might actually do a video blog from time to time!



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