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And So Begins 2010 January 4, 2010

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This is my kind of work-out!

Happy New Year ya’ll!

How was your holiday? I hope it was good!

My family and family friends went to Bass Lake for 4 days and enjoyed the holiday in the mountains. We had a really great time and I actually got in a few unconventional work-outs. I ate really well and I’m verrrrry shocked that I did.

Just to give you an idea, usually for New Years we do a crab and steak feed and this year was no exception. I did a ton of give and take this weekend. Weighing out what I really want to splurge on… like CRAB! I went with coffee and a piece of fruit for breakfast almost every morning. All except for one because they made chorizo and egg burritos…. couldn’t resist. I had no soda! NONE! That’s a fact that I’m very proud of. I even had the chance to walk to the store several times and snag one up and drink it before I got back to the cabin lol. New Years eve we had finger foods which can be either really good, because it’s all bite sized things and you can portion control yourself, or it can be really bad because it’s bite sized things and you CAN’T portion control yourself. I portion controlled okay… I mainly hate tastes of the cheese based dips and spreads and went for the shrimp cocktail. I had a glass of wine and that was the only alcoholic drink I had all weekend.

I went hog-wild on the crab. I think I probably ate 2 whole crabs to myself and didn’t skimp on the butter. But I didn’t feel too bad because earlier that day we played pretty hard in the snow for several hours. We also did a good walk on the beach and around the neighborhood. The crab was soooooo good and well worth the “Christy’s saving herself for crabs” jokes. Thankfully there was no real desserts that were made the whole weekend cept for some cookies. That helped me, instead of scarfing down on pie, or cake I had a small cookie and a cup of coffee.

The last night we were there my mother made an amazing prime rib. I stuck with a small piece and didn’t go for seconds. She also made roasted potatoes which is very hard for me to resist. Again, I put some on my plate and stuck with that portion, no seconds. I ate very well the whole weekend and never felt stuffed or so full I wanted to puke. I drank so much water that I started getting annoyed with how much I was peeing. Especially at night!

It paid off though! Today I got on my wii and checked how I did over the weekend before starting my active work-out. I lost .4 pounds! It’s always gratifying when you see a loss, no matter what kind it is. I didn’t go into the weekend thinking I was going to try to lose anything. I just didn’t want to gain too much! I’m doing something right, and not feeling like I’m “dieting”. Just smarter choices, compromise and excercise.

My first 2010 weigh in was 150.4 lbs.

I have a little over 9 weeks to get to my goal… I’m not getting my hopes up to high.  I’m might not make my goal weight by then, but I am reaching the goal of being healthier and making lifestyle changes in order to reach that goal at some point. I am very proud of myself and can’t wait till I get to that 130 pounds.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope those of you who are embarking on your “get healthy” resolutions, get some inspiration from this blog and that it helps motivate you to make better choices in your quest. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you remove the things that normally comfort you and keep you down.

I hope wonderful things come to you this new year and thanks again for following my progress!



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