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Vital Organs. February 17, 2010

It’s ash Wednesday today!

I don’t know why I find that so exciting considering I’m not Catholic and it marks Lent, a time when you give up something for a period of time. Because I have close friends who are Catholic, my father is a non practicing Catholic as well as my boyfriend, I usually make a mental note and give up something also. Since I’ve pretty much given up a lot of the most gluttonous things in my life already… soda, fast food… etc. I’m having a tough time with what I should give up? I was thinking caffeine but I’m afraid I might actually physically harm someone if I didn’t have my daily coffee. hmmmm something to ponder, feel free to suggest something.

Alright today I was all gung-ho to do my work-out this morning but apparently my uterus has other plans. I woke up this morning with the worst cramps EVER! I made my sons lunch in a hunched over position and panting like I was about to give birth. I popped some Ibuprofen and went back to bed after agreeing to have my father drive the little man to school. Curled up in the fetal position I started to wonder if the body burns calories while in tremendous pain, or if it stores it because it’s preparing for something? Hmmmmm… I might be only 30 but boy am I ready for a hysterectomy! I would cut it out myself if I could. I’d probably drop some weight then huh!? That’s my problem! It’s not body fat weighing me down, it’s my vital organs! If I just start donating those suckers I’d get to my goal weight!

Okay… maybe not so much… but it was worth a shot. I’m feeling a little better now and plan on drugging myself heavily in order to make it to class this afternoon.

In other news, I ate great yesterday! Salmon salad with an asian ginger dressing (light) and for dessert I dipped a banana in a sugar-free jello chocolate mousse cup. Oh yeah baby was that good. Since it’s that time of the month I could pretty much drench everything in chocolate.

More homemade multi grain rye bread. mmm

So my mother is a world-class cook. She’s one of those types of people who can make a 4 course meal with a bottle of ketchup and a pack of bologna.  She likes to randomly whip up things… oh say like a triple berry pie, on random week nights. I’m sure most of you are going “and that’s a problem because?????” It’s a problem because I have to prepare for those things! When you leave the room and come back an hour later and there’s a damn pie sitting on the counter it’s extremely tough to not go hog-wild and stick your face into it! We’re talking grade A homemade crust! Do you know how hard it is to go to bed when the whole house smells of baked goods!? Luckily my son and father have practically eaten the entire pie in 2 days so that it’s not sitting there taunting me.  Maybe I should give up dessert for lent?

Well ya’ll I must get myself ready to battle the parking at the Fresno City campus and then sit in my car for an hour while I wait for my class to start. I wonder if people will look at me funny if I do lunges in the parking lot?



2 Responses to “Vital Organs.”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh those “can’t even stand straight” cramps are the WORST! I hide under the covers while those happen. It’s the safest thing for everyone…

    And my mom bakes the same way:
    “Mom, why did you make all this STUFF?”
    “Well we had to have a little something while you’re here to visit.”
    “Oh… 3 dozen cookies and pie. Are we becoming obese in celebration of my return?”

    Ok, I didn’t say that last part… but that’s because I was refraining. Oh mom…

    • lol at least I’m not the only person that has to battle the constant flow of motherly baked goods. The best is when I’m drinking my protein shake (she knows I’m working hard to lose weight) and she says “hey I just made some fresh baked bread you want me to heat some up for you?” uhhhh… no… no I don’t want you to heat that crap up for me! Le sigh. Gotta love em.

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