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How did that happen!? February 19, 2010

Happy Friday ya’ll!

I love Fridays! I have no classes, the little man is at school from 8:30am till 3pm… and today not even my parents are around! I love these kinds of days. Usually on these types of Fridays I rent movies I can’t watch when Cam is awake. No, not THOSE kinds of movies! Like today I plan on renting the first season of The Tudors. I just recently started watching in on Showtime and I came in on the middle of the first season. I also have to stop off at my favorite local Win-Co to get some more coffee and maybe something special for dinner.

I have a lot to celebrate! I totally smashed my lecture and lab exam last night. I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot… buuuuut… I’m thinking A’s. For those that know what’s going on in my personal life, it’s no easy feat to focus on anything, let alone study for two tests on the same night. I’m very proud of myself.

Also I woke up this morning with that “I feel lighter” feeling. Ever had that? Every so often I get up out of bed and I notice a weight change without getting on a scale. Sooooo I jumped on the scale.

2/19/10 – 141.3 lbs!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! How the heck did I do that! Okay Okay… I realize that most of that was water weight from my period… but a loss is a loss. Not to mention I’m under the weight I was when my period started.. so HA! Getting under 140 is soooo close! I’m waaaayyyyy excited. With everything that’s been going on I needed this. Some little bit of good news so I can keep it up for another day. Who knows, I might actually make my goal!

In true Christy form the first thing I thought when I saw the weight loss was “I should make cupcakes!” Yeah that’s a good idea…. no one but you to eat them since the parents are gone and your son doesn’t like cake! NOT. So I think I might try making a lighter version of some of my cup cakes. We’ll see how it goes. Here’s a pic of a batch of cup cakes I had made for some friends. They’re lemon curd cakes with a lemon frosting….

Goal: Make a light version of these...

Not sure that’s possible. We’ll see! If I can do it I will make sure to put the recipe up with the nutritional break down.

Alrighty ya’ll, time to start my day. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for stopping by.



2 Responses to “How did that happen!?”

  1. Congrats! Every little bit counts! 🙂

    And enjoy your fabulous Friday off! Sooooo lucky!

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