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Lunch Date. February 20, 2010

Happy Saturday ya’ll!

How is your weekend going thus far? Good I hope. Yesterday I mentioned Fridays are my days off and when I get to do things I normally don’t get to do. I started the day off by heading out to Win-Co… my favorite place to grocery shop. I really only went for coffee since we were all out. But I got some things to make a yummy pasta dinner with Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. I also got stuff to make some lemon jello cup cakes. I was surprised by a text from my friend Shelvia asking if I’d like to go to lunch! Yay… another thing I don’t get to do often, go out with friends. I was super excited when we chose Sweet tomatoes as our destination. For those of you that don’t have these near you, it’s just a huge salad bar with an all you can eat soup and goodie bar, or as we like to call it the “naughty” bar.

I was having an “I feel pretty” day in my new Target shirt and size 8 jeans (which are getting loose). I haven’t seen shelvia in a while and she informed me she’s been following the blog and I look good. She was proud of me for sticking with not drinking soda since Christmas. She’s seen first hand my Dr. Pepper addiction… not pretty. I loaded up my plate full of good stuff like romaine lettuce, mushrooms, olives, chick peas…. etc. A little olive oil and balsamic and I was good to go. It tastes soooo good to me and to be able to sit there and chit chat with another adult made it that much better.

Nice blurry pic t-mobile sidekick...

We of course took a look at the naughty bar. I had a little itty bitty bowl of clam chowder and a small corn bread muffin. I told myself I wasn’t going to eat it all, but of course I did. And then Shelvia informed me of a concoction she likes to make and if I wanted to share with her… I said sure…

AMG! She put granola on it... that's good right?

LOL! This brownie muffin sunday was a little too much for me to say no to. It was love in a bowl. I did my best to not eat too much but it was just too tasty. I went with her to Babys-R-Us so she could get a gift and we could “walk” off what we just ate. RIIIIIIIIGGGHHHHT. It was so much fun getting up to date on each others stuff and our plans for entering into the nursing program.

I was stuffed when I got home. I actually didn’t eat dinner because I was so stuffed. I had received some upsetting news later in the day and the stress from it gave me a nasty migraine and pretty much kept me up all night. Not even a sleep aid worked. I had rented the first 2 disks of The Tudors first season. ( I started DVRing them late in the first season so I needed to get caught up). Jonathan Rhys Meyers is my super celebrity crush right now. He’s quite lovely to stare at. If I’ve gotta be up in the middle of the night, it might as well be with him lol.

I obviously got up this morning in a funk. I had to clear up something first thing in the morning so I could stop stressing over it… which I did. Made the little man cinnamon rolls, he ate 4. Ahhh to be young and have a killer metabolism. I’m a glutton for punishment so I decided to hop on the scale to see what damage the sunday pig out session did. I was totally surprised when I saw a loss of 0.9 lbs! That brings my weight to 140.4! Another half a pound and I’m in the 130’s.  I’m a little less than one pound away from losing a total of 20 pounds. Keep in mind 20 pounds doesn’t sound like much but I’m only 5’2″. That’s a lot of weight for someone my height. Tomorrow maybe I’ll go and try some size 6 jeans on to see if it’s time for another picture update.

Thanks so much for stopping by and following my progress. The support I’ve been getting is pretty awesome and motivating.



2 Responses to “Lunch Date.”

  1. Yea for Sweet Tomatoes! My friend Mon introduced that place to me and I’m soooo going back!

    I tell myself that eating ice cream gives me a good serving of calcium for the day- so then it doesn’t seem so bad either…

    • lol I like your logic. The only problem with Sweet Tomatoes is their not so healthy options… case in point: Pizza bread with cheese and potato slices… I didn’t have any but I was seriously tempted to. Anything with cheese on top of starch, on top of carbs has to be good!

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