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Hump Day. February 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day ya’ll.

It’s been an interesting couple of days. My eating has been pretty much on point so far. But I have not made the attempt at the work out aspect of my weight loss program. I was planning on taking a jog/walk around the trail near my house yesterday, I was actually kind of excited about it! That morning I was running up the stairs to get ready (I always run up stairs, it makes me feel like I’m not being lazy). All of a sudden I feel a pop in my calve and I couldn’t walk properly without pain. Wow, could my luck get any better? How the heck do you injure yourself going up the stairs? Well considering I fell down the stairs about a year ago and injured my tail bone (which still hurts if I sit too long)…. I guess it’s not that surprising. I’m a self-proclaimed clutz. Today it’s raining pretty good so I won’t be hitting the trail today either. UGH. I gotta get back in the swing of doing a daily work out. Since I’ve been losing weight without it, I’ve gotten very lazy about it. But I need to build up muscle mass and tone up, otherwise I’m just going to be saggy skinned… yuck.

Last night my parents requested that I make sushi for dinner. I didn’t take a picture because in the middle of making rolls, a friend called to help me through something I’ve been stressing over for a week. It helped so much! It was a huge weight lifted and I felt so relaxed after talking it out with someone who knew all the people involved and the situation I’ve been in… I could have laid down and fallen asleep! It was wonderful! I was so tired, I just wanted to quickly get through dinner and go lay down lol. I filled the rolls with yummy stuff like salmon, crab, avocado, cucumber, asparagus and reduced fat cream cheese. I ate 5 pieces, which is about one roll and then had one of each tempura veggie that was fried up. Mushrooms, sweet potato, green beans, onions, broccoli and zucchini. YUM! Although I really didn’t eat much volume wise, but I felt over stuffed. Rice + soy sauce = bloating.

With how tired I was last night I thought for sure I would sleep like a log. But because of the water I drank to try to dilute the sodium intake, I had to make several trips to the ladies room through out the night. At 3am I realized that I was awake… not just the half dreamy state that allows you to shuffle to the bathroom and back…. I was awake awake. I never really got back to sleep, which made for some interesting dreams when I did catch some winks. I’ll have to research what they mean later today.

I hopped on the scale today which my mother thought wasn’t a bright idea since I felt stuffed last night. But I like to see what kind of damage certain foods does. That way the next time I’m faced with those foods I know how to approach them. I was pleasantly surprised when the scale showed “0”. No weight loss… but even better no weight gain. I have a little more than 2 weeks to go to reach my goal…. 10 pounds in 2 weeks is a little crazy. Maybe if I was on the biggest loser ranch with Jillian screaming in my face. Even though I won’t meet my time goal… I am excited for my boyfriend to come home to a much thinner me. I will get to my goal weight though, no matter what.

Welp thanks for stopping by, I’m gonna go do the Shred before I hop in the shower… wish me luck! It’s been awhile… lol



2 Responses to “Hump Day.”

  1. Yea for the Shred!

    And your sushi-making night sounds fun! That’s one thing I wish I would finally just learn to make…

    • wow so I originally replied to this via phone email… obvoiusly that doesn’t work lol Yeah my whole body felt like jello after the work-out. As long as you master the rice, everything else is cake.

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