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WTH?! February 28, 2010

Hey ya’ll

Hows your weekend going? Yesterday I spent most of the day at the computer writing up my reports for class and trying to entertain the little one so he didn’t go stir crazy. It rained pretty good for most of the day so his entertainment consisted of cartoons, movies, puzzles and making cookies. The day was an extremely frustrating one for me. I felt like I was getting up every 5 minutes to try to keep him from destroying something.. and to keep him happy. He had decided (at 6am) that he wanted to make us all breakfast. With Grandmas help he went with pancakes… That right there sets the tone for the rest of the day lol. Granted they were made with heart healthy Bisquick, Non fat milk and egg beaters… but still. I ate them with my normal smart balance butter and sugar-free syrup. I weighed myself and yet again another “0” on the scale. UGH.

I looked up pathogens most of the day. Writing every last detail of Campylobacter jejuni… and others… is very tedious and started to make me a bit cranky as I went on. Cameron REALLY wanted to bake cookies (another bright idea at 6am). I told him after we had lunch we could make the dough. He wanted 2 grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch… TWO!

mmmm grilled cheese...

It looked so good. I of course went with my usual…

totally NOT a grilled cheese...

Cameron finished all but one half of his 2 sandwiches… that means I DEVOURED it! BAD CHRISTY! I don’t even think I chewed! Way to go Chris.

As promised we made some cookies to cut out so Cam could make planets… not sure where these ideas come from, but he sure has a detailed idea of what he wants. I of course ate some of the dough… GRRRR. Wth!? I’m pretty sure the best way to push through this plateau is NOT by sneaking nibbles of crap! I should have marched right over to my dvd player and popped in The Shred! But did I? NOOOOOOO. I went back to doing my school work.

That didn’t last for long seeing as Cameron was getting increasingly bored. We ran to Von’s and each got something special for dinner. Cam decided on shrimp and a frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza…. yeah I know…, I was in the mood for something bad to eat but rained it in and got some Jenny-O turkey patties to make a turkey burger.

Look how deceivingly good you look!

They were already seasoned, so I popped it on the grill, warmed up the ciabatta bread, spread some lf mayo and avocado on it. The first bite was pretty good. But as I got to the second and third I started to realize the patty tasted nasty. I ate one half of it because I was hungry and just not up to fixing myself anything else. That will teach me to be lazy and get pre made patties. YUCK! I had the other top bun for good measure. What a disappointment.

I went to bed feeling pretty unsatisfied. I forgot to mention that I broke down and bought the size 6 jeans! I pulled out the jeans I was in when I started this project. WOW. I don’t know why but when I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t tell I’ve lost any weight. Sure my tummy is a little smaller and I fit into smaller jeans, but I can’t picture what I used to look like even when I look at pictures. Looking at the comparison in sizes next to each other I was kind of shocked. “I was really that big?” After a crappy day of eating I wanted to slip on the new jeans to re assure myself that I hadn’t fooled myself into thinking I could fit in them. I know I’m weird. But they fit. They even felt easier to get on then when I tried the pair in the store. I felt better. I had rented a couple movies and popped in The Time Travelers Wife. Good movie, I’m surprised I didn’t cry more. After the movie I crashed. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been asleep forever.

Feeling good about how well the jeans fit I made the error of checking my weight again (I really need to stop daily weigh-ins). I went up .7 lbs…. WHAT!? I’m still under 140, but geeze! I didn’t think I went too over board yesterday. I’m not going to lie… I’m frustrated at this point. I was really hoping to lose a couple more pounds before the 12th, but with a zero on the scale all week with a cherry on top of a gain… I’m getting a little doubtful. I’m very happy with my weight at the moment but technically I’m still about 6 pounds overweight.

Well I’m heading to do my work our right after I post this. No more of this plateau crap! I plan on today being a great day. The Tudors are on this evening and I only have one more report to write-up. I can do this!

Wish me luck! And thanks for stopping by.



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