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Sooooo Tired. March 2, 2010

Hello ya’ll.

So it’s Tuesday and I feel like this week has already been a long one. Yesterday started off pretty good. I checked the scale and I lost that .7 pounds and was right back to 139.1. I was happy, but I was hoping I would have gotten a little lower. I realized something of that week, I pretty much had white rice every day for dinner. Hmmmm… could that be the source of my stand still? I got ready for my long day of classes that morning with my cup of coffee in hand. I decided to slap on my new size 6 jeans (I’ll probably be calling them my size 6 jeans for a while since I find it exciting). I packed up my foods for the day and headed off.

What I normally do on Mondays is leave an hour early for class so that I can find parking. If I find a spot right away, I sit in my car and read whatever current book I’m on and drink my protein shake. I bring a snack to eat during our small break in our 4 hour class… yesterday it was yogurt. I guess I eat yogurt a lot on my breaks because the girl who sits behind me mentioned she had yogurt the day before and thought of me… lol. Class usually ends around 5pm. I then have to hop in my car and drive to the Madera campus wich is about a 25 minute drive. I didn’t pack a thermos of coffee yesterday so I quickly stopped at 7-11 for some caffeine to get me through the next 4 hour class I had to endure. At this point I was pretty hungry. I realize as I’m driving that all I packed was an apple…. ummm… crap!

There’s no where really to stop and get food quickly in the Rancho’s of Madera. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t make it through the class. I told myself it’s just mind over matter. I figured with the coffee and apple I should be fine. At around 7pm I realized this was not the case. I was starving! As soon as the class was over at 9pm, I rushed to my car and started driving like a bat out of hell.

I was in primal hunger mode and I didn’t care what I ate as long as it was something fast! I dove into Carl’s Jr. at 9:30pm. For a split second I had a moment of “no christy, don’t!” But lasted for literally a second. I didn’t go totally crazy… just an order of criss cut fries. When I pulled around the older lady at the window informed me that they were making some fresh ones for me and to pull around to the front and she would bring them out when they were ready. I have to what? Wait? As in, I can’t shove them down my throat this very instant so that I don’t have time to feel guilty about what I’ve just done? Well crap! Now I’m going to have to sit in my car and stew over how I probably could have just waited another 5 minutes and ate something healthy at home. Ugh! “Would you like ranch sauce with that?”….”YES!”. I sat at the front and waited for my super unhealthy choice. The employee that brought it out to my car was an older women with a smile on her face even thought it was close to 10pm. She looked as if she could be someones grandmother, so to make myself feel better I quickly adopted her as my own. I imagined her carrying a bag of something she just whipped up in the kitchen and saying “Christy you’re nothing but skin and bones… here eat something!”. I instantly felt better and ripped open the ranch sauce and tried to dip my fries in it as I drove the rest of the way home. Now I don’t know if it was just me, since I haven’t had fast food in a while, or if there was something wrong with the fries… but they didn’t taste very good at all! I was kinda ticked. If I’m going to cheat on something it better taste good! This of course did not stop me from eating them all. DAMN YOU HUNGER!

I didn’t sleep well at all last night. I don’t think I fell asleep till after 1am. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been stepped on by a giant. When I jumped on the scale I was relieved to see a minus sign on the screen. 138.9…. Yes! In your face crappy criss cut fries! HA!

Only 10 more days till the bf is back. I’m excited to see his reaction… or if he even notices lol. I hope I can get in for a touch up on my hair today…. hmmmm….

Well I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.



2 Responses to “Sooooo Tired.”

  1. .7 is still a win! Yea!!! 🙂

    And ranch sauce is delicious. There’s not much you can do about that one… it’s my weakness right behind cookies.

    • The ranch sauce was really the only redeeming quality of those fries. Cookies…. le sigh. That reminds me, I need to make the rest of the house hold eat the cookies we made this weekend before I start digging into them.

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