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1 week! March 5, 2010

Happy Friday to you all!

Well it’s been an interesting week. My weight has been a yo-yo. Up .7, down .7… up .2 down .2… always ending back where I started 139.1. I’ve had some good food this week. Trading my normal Special K shake lunches for some healthier food options. This is what my week looked like…

Monday's routine... that got me into trouble.

For my 4 hour lecture class I arm myself with a cup of coffee, a snack and good book. I know I should be listening but I’d rather read the lecture notes we HAVE to purchase… coffee and an apple did not cut it that night which led to my Carl’s Jr. disaster.

Dehydrated veggie snacks from Trader Joes....

So my mom got word of these green bean snacks at Trader Joes and ran out and got them plus some “snap pea” snacks. I was way excited because I thought “dude…. dehydrated salted veggies! I can eat a bunch!” Hrm… not so much. Although both were super tasty and gives you that crunch and saltines that you would with a chip…. the calories and fat in them were almost just as bad! I was super mad! The snap peas are actually mashed green peas and rice formed into snap pea form… filled with oil and then “baked”. The green beans have 150 calories and 8 grams of fat for a serving size of about 1/2 cup. WTF! They’re green beans! Why are they putting all this oil in them!? Granted… they’re still a healthier option for snacking.. but not when you’re trying to lose weight.

The naked burrito from Qudoba.

Yesterday I met my friend Shella for lunch at Qudoba. I lurv their naked burritos. Usually when I go I get their $5.99 deal that comes with any 2 items off their menu.. they’re just in mini form. Yesterday I went with the full size one. OMG… look at that guac! I had every intention of NOT eating the whole thing… but of course I did. I even ate it with their yummy tortilla chips that have a perfect dusting of salt and lime. Mmmmmmm…. soooo good. Mine was rice, black beans chicken and guac… so it’s not like I was eating crap. I didn’t put cheese or cour cream on it, so I didn’t feel too bad for eating the enormous plate. I had a great time chatting it up with Ms. Shella. We always have the most interesting conversations. I went home feeling exhausted. I haven’t ate that much food in one sitting in a while. I was full to the brim and ready for an afternoon siesta. I slapped on my pj pants and went to “rest my eyes”. When I got up to go pick up the little man from school I felt out of sorts. I was feeling down for no real reason at all. I decided to skip my lab class last night so I could just relax a bit.

My mother fixed fish tacos last night for dinner. I originally was not going to have any since I was still feeling very full from my lunch. But when I joined everyone at the table (we always sit as a family, I find it important even if I’m not eating) I couldn’t help myself! Corn tortilla, piece of grilled swai, a slice of avocado and a sprinkle of lime. I had 2… lol. It would be so much easier to lose weight if I was seriously picky. But I looooove food.

I didn’t sleep very well last night at all. There’s exactly one week till Ed is home and I’m starting to get anxious. These next 7 days can’t move fast enough for me.

Cam demonstrating his healthy eating skills.

This morning Cameron, after eating his 2 bowls of rice crispies, wanted a “snack”. So I told him to go pull some oranges off the tree in the back yard. Thank god I have a child that loves fruits and veggies. He only likes milk and water… no juice or soda. And he’s not a fan of cake, french fries or other unhealthy options that most kids have tantrums to get.

Well ya’ll I’m meeting my friend Shelvia for a pedicure this morning! I’m excited! I rarely do these things… I got my hair highlighted on Tuesday (I’m a blonde again… yay). I’m on “get pretty for the bf” mode.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by.



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