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Day-O-Christy March 6, 2010

Happy Weekend everyone!

How are ya’ll doing?  Any good plans for the weekend?

Yesterday I was so excited because I was going to meet up with a friend to have a pedicure. I rarely have them done mainly because I can’t see myself paying $25 and up to have someone paint my nails. Although I will say I had one in Rochester NY once, and it was a man doing it… OMG was it fantastic! I got up early and jumped in the shower to get ready to meet up with her, but due to some last-minute conflicting schedules the plans fell through. SAD PANDA! I was way bummed. It was almost 10am and I all of a sudden had the thought “Have a Christy day”. I almost went and had the pedicure any way, but again… $30 for pretty toe nails is kinda crazy to me. Instead I decided to go see Alice In Wonderland at the IMAX! OH BOY! Sure I was by myself… but my need to do something nice for myself was greater than any embarrassment I might feel by sitting alone in a theater. I was a bit nervous since it was the IMAX and in 3D. That could be a nasty combination if the movies camera moves back and forth a lot. (proven by the man trying not to puke outside the door at the end of the movie). Luckily it didn’t bother me one bit! I’m a huuuuuuuge Alice In Wonderland fan. It’s easily my favorite Disney flick, and possibly my favorite movie period. I thought the movie was awesome. Although I will say, not necessary to see it on IMAX or 3D… but I had fun.

After the movie I had to do the grocery shopping for the month. One of my favorite pass times.  $185 for our family of four for the month. Yeah I’m kind of a rock star when it comes to bargain shopping. Of course I’ll have to go back during the month for more milk, eggs and veggies… But when you consider I bought fruit, veg, meat, fish and other essentials… I did pretty damn good.

I didn’t eat much yesterday. I wasn’t trying not to eat, I just was busy and didn’t think about it. For dinner my mother fixed a super yummy dinner. My father went in for a 3rd interview with a local winery, and we were all pretty sure they would make him an offer. So this was going to be a celebratory meal. Steak, mushrooms, veg and baked potato. Unfortunately he has to wait till Monday to get the final decision. Fingers crossed.

I skipped the tater and went with some wine.

Oh so yummy! I was pleased with my eating last night and had an over all feeling of “this was a good day”.

I woke up at 6am this morning. GRRRR! Way to early. I noticed a text sent to me at 12am from a number I didn’t recognize. After ruling at the few people I thought it could have been… I sent the normal “who is this” text. Of course no answer as of yet. I wonder if it was just a wrong number. Very odd.

Today I have to run to Target, Study and do some house cleaning. My friend Shaandi who gave me the chicken burger recipe gave me a new one for Gluten free pancakes. (I have a slight intolerance). Since I have all the stuff to make them, I will be having those for dinner!

have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



2 Responses to “Day-O-Christy”

  1. My friend and I are going to see Alice tomorrow!!! Contemplating the IMAX… only problem is it’s not close to the salad bar we wanna hit beforehand 😦 We’re such nerds…

    Love the new pic, btw. 😉 Sassy!

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