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1 day left! Ahhhhh! March 11, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Since I will not be available this weekend to do the “official” 30 day weigh-in. I’m doing it today. I know I keep saying I will do a picture update, but I actually have too many pics and not enough room on the camera… so once I take the time to download all the pics to the puter I can take it. But lets just say, the size 6 jeans I got last week are already feeling a bit loose!

Here it is….. drum roll please!

In the beginning: 159.5 lbs

Today: 138 lbs.

That’s 21.5 pounds since September. Not the 30 pounds I was hoping to reach, but I’m okay with that. This was a huge learning experience filled with trial and error… a lot of error.  If it’s anything I’ve learned through this process it’s that most of losing weight and getting healthy is a mind game. People say “will power”, but I’ve never liked that saying. I think it’s a mind over matter thing. Talking to yourself and compromising on things your mind is struggling with. Being 5’2″ and pretty much 160 pounds, I felt out of control. Now I feel great!

Anywaysss… enough of my Biggest Loser lecture.

The last couple days have been a bit crazy. Tuesday I felt like I over ate for some reason… maybe it was the light/0 fat potato chips and light onion dip I pigged out on before having cheese ravs in marinara for dinner… ? I also had a banana and sugar-free chocolate mousse for dessert… okay so I felt over stuffed and I know exactly why.

That night I watched The Biggest Loser and started to hear a little faint voice in my head whispering “get up lazy ass and exercise!” That whisper quickly turned into screams and by 10:30pm I was in the living room strapping on my wii active gear. I did a 30 minute work-out and blasted through my expected calorie burn. I felt fantastic afterword! Sure I didn’t sleep good at all that night, but I didn’t feel like a lump either.

Yesterday I packed up my shake and a delight parfait for my eats while in class. I had to run a few errands before class in preparation for the bf’s homecoming. I’m UBER excited….

On my way to campus I got a sudden craving for some kind of grilled chicken salad. One of those painful cravings… like.. if I don’t get a salad now I’m going to die, kind of cravings. I had planned on my shake for lunch because my mother was going to make chicken picatta for dinner. With a craving this size I knew that my shake just wouldn’t satisfy my and I’d feel like crap the rest of the day. I ran through Carl’s Jr. and picked up their apple cranberry and walnut chicken salad.

No, I didn't take a bubble bath like Kim K. on the commercial.

I was super good. Feta, walnuts, cranberries, chicken and a raspberry vinaigrette. The apples I didn’t eat cuz they kind of looked like an after thought with only 3 slices… kinda pointless. I googled the nutritional facts so I could see if this was a good salad or bad salad. Some of those fast food salads are just as bad as having a burger and fries…. watch yourself! But with only 300 calories, 11g fat and 4g of fiber…. it was a pretty good meal. That’s only 6 points for weight watchers. Totally satisfied the craving.

I was up late last night trying to get school work done. Next week I have an exam, speech and rough draft of a term paper due. Since I am headed out to Sacramento this weekend, I started to panic thinking I couldn’t get it all done! When I woke up, or should I say when Cameron woke me up I felt the damage of my late night work-out from Tuesday. OOOOWWWW! My knee feels all jacked up. It feels like it’s not exactly in place… that’s probably not good. My feet are always turned out, not because I used to dance but that’s just the way they are. So doing lunges sometimes screws with my knees because your toes should be facing forward, but that’s not a natural position for my legs. Any one have an alternative? I don’t like feeling like my knee cap is going to pop off at any moment.

Well I have a busy day ahead of me. Between classes and getting ready for my trip to Sac, I hope I can get it all done.

Thanks for stopping by!



5 Responses to “1 day left! Ahhhhh!”

  1. Darlyn Says:

    I’m so proud of you Christy! You’ve come a long way! I would not have had the will power to make the healthy food choices that you did. You were very honest with your blog, including your photos, which is something that a lot of people would not have had the guts to do. You did great. Good job. I hope you still continue to aim for your goal 🙂

    • Thanks Darlyn! I still have 9 pounds to lose, so the blog will go on. I’m super surprised that I made it this far. Hopefully I can keep up my progress with Ed back lol He’s pretty mean cook.

      • Shella Says:

        You have done so GOOD!!! You have been really doing a great job!!! I think that blogging about it helped and just making yourself aware of those things that trigger poor eating choices, your feelings about food and those things that you have done to help yourself…You look wonderful and you should be proud of yourself…Keep on keeping on sister and those last 9 pounds will be gone.
        As for Edand his wonderful cooking–Well eat and enjoy and don’t feel bad if ya can’t eat all he gives ya. :o) Just let him know you love and appreciate his delicious food, ya just need smaller portions.
        Hang in there pal—you are a true insiration.

      • Awwww. Thanks Shell! Loves ya! Thanks for being my healthy lunch buddy every so often… well moderately healthy at least lol

  2. Shannon Says:

    You rock sister!!! I think you did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see the updated photo. Congratulations on getting into those size 6 jeans. 🙂

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