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My Weekend of Indulgence March 15, 2010

Happy Monday everyone.

I’m back from my trip to Sacramento. There will be no pictures of this weekend because I’m pretty sure people would have looked at me funny if I was taking pictures of my food… not to mention Ed would have questioned my sanity.

I went to Sac fully prepared and armed for the temptation I would be up against. Not only is my boyfriend an amazing cook, but he also has a flare for indulging myself and his children to good food as a way to show is affection. Hence my weight of 160 pounds at the time of his departure. When I arrived I was amazed at how much he had slimmed down himself! “Well hellloooo…” We all went out for pizza… he of course got waaaay too much. But I was good! I had one slice of pepperoni and two little slices of the small cheese and I only drank water. Probably way more than I’d normally eat but with a bf sitting there saying “have another, this is a cheat weekend… we’re celebrating” it’s hard to stick to any diet routine.

The next day we got up early and did domestic stuff like clean the house and run to the grocery store. I got myself some coffee, my shakes and yogurt so I could at least stay on course during the day. We had a birthday party to go to that night and the family is well-known for throwing down on party grub. I made sure I stuck to my normal eating habits so I could enjoy whatever goodies they had. To my surprise most of the goodies where on the healthy side! The birthday girl is a vegetarian so she made some really good “pizzas”. She took wheat pita breads, brushed them with olive oil, put spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta and walnuts on them then heated them up. Soooo tasty and I didn’t feel guilty for scarfing on them. They had an assortment of cheese with apples and these little turkey sandwiches made with those Hawaiian bread rolls. YUM! I had a couple drinks… it was a celebration! When we left, I felt pretty good about how I handled it.

There was only one item that I couldn’t seem to control myself with. Ed made this avocado/salsa dip that was fricken amazing. I found myself sneaking a few chips here and there throughout the whole weekend. Sigh…

Sunday Ed made bbq’d burgers. This is one of his specialties. He likes to “invent” signature burgers, the more outrageous and big they are the better. He sautéed onions, mushrooms and jalapenos to top them with this time. They were so sloppy and delicious… I ate the whole dang thing and loved every bite. “Dear Ed’s cooking, how I’ve missed you…”

Needless to say I felt completely stuffed. I haven’t ate like this in a while and I was starting to feel it. I drank as much water as I could through the whole weekend, knowing I wouldn’t get any work-outs in I was hoping to combat the high caloric foods with water. The night ended with a mexican pastry… way to control yourself Christy!

This morning I got up and drove the long 3 hours home. I had plenty of time to think since my stereo is out of commission. I realized just how tired I was and how I was looking forward to being in my own bed without someone snoring in my ear. Before you get on me… yes I was sad to be leaving. Long distance relationships are rough. But you make it work if it’s worth it. Maybe one day we can bridge the gap between us. Fingers crossed.

When I got home I brewed myself a cup of coffee and got myself settled back into my normal everyday schedule. I jumped on the scale to see what kind of damage control I’d need to do this week. Pizza, burgers and alcoholic beverages… I was expecting to see a nasty number pop up on the screen. To my surprise I lost!?

3/15/10 136.9 lbs.

Okay… so… maybe my metabolism came back to life? Whatever happened, I’m certainly glad it picked this weekend to do it! lol

Ed is planning on helping me start running… not sure if this is a good thing. Last time I ran with a significant other it just caused huge arguments lol. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Monday goes by quickly!



4 Responses to “My Weekend of Indulgence”

  1. Shella Says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Nummy food and lost too how can ya beat that. I am sure Ed loved the beautiful Christy!!!! I’m gald ya had a fabo time gotta give me a ring or something so we can talk..Thise veggie pizza sounded de-Lish!!! for the Alvacado salsa–another weakness also sound wonderful.
    Well keep on keeping on friend–enjoy your week.

  2. Oh I’m glad you had a good time! Yea!!!

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