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I’m still here! March 25, 2010

OMG ya’ll!

So I haven’t had any time to blog, take pictures… nothing! The only thing I’ve had time for is school these last few weeks. I guess my teachers don’t have a life and would much rather spend their spring break grading stuff because they all made everything due this week! between papers, quizes, presentations and speeches… I’m exhausted!

Not to worry though I’ve done my best to stay on top of my game and not lose sight of my goal.

As of 3/24/10 I am 134.9 pounds! I’m almost there!

This has not been an easy month so far, with the return of Ed and too many birthday parties to count… I have been tested at every turn. I have done very well with making sure I stick to my portion sizing, drinking lots of water and preparing for party food. At one party I was expecting home-made mexican food, cuz that’s usually what they have when they do birthdays. But I was surprised when it was an assortment of salads! (okay so a part of me was a bit disappointed that there was no tortillas and beans). Seems as though everyone around me is trying to shape up and get healthy! My exercise routine has slipped, but that’s mainly because of the amount of time I’m having to spend at a desk reading or writing junk.

Ed wants us to start running together and now that the treadmill has been dug out from under the garage junk… I really have no excuse. I told him I have to train myself to get to his level and I didn’t want to run with him till then, otherwise I’d feel self conscious or bad that he was hanging back with me. Sooooo that’s my goal for Spring break… get into running shape. I will say the new skinnier Christy was much appreciated by the Bf. 😉

There has been some sort of bug running through the house that I have been trying to avoid! Cam had bronchitis, and as soon as he got better my mother came down with some sort of cold/flu/stomach flu thing. She refuses to go to see a doctor which worries me that it’s going to spread like wild fire. I DO NOT have time to be sick.

Only about 5 more pounds to go…. seems like yesterday when I was saying how I need to lose 30 pounds.

Thanks for checking in! And here’s a little inspiration for ya…

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

~ Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill ~


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