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Back in the Game. April 14, 2010

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I don’t know about any one else but all these earthquakes, and the freakish weather we’ve been having has got me a little on edge. It’s been a real struggle to not only dress myself appropriately, but my son as well. Last Friday as soon as I broke out my flip-flops I had to put them right back! Ugh!

Yesterday I realized that one of my favorite shirts had bleach dots on it and I have no idea where they came from. GRRRRR. Normally this would be no big deal, but it seems as though all the clothes that fit me now (since they are several years old) are coming apart! I’m super broke so there will be no shopping sprees in my future. I’m having to wear some of my bigger sized things to make do. Problem with that is I’m afraid of getting too comfortable in them and accidentally gaining weight because I’m not noticing them getting too tight. Oh well.

I had a good day yesterday my eating was spot on. I didn’t feel any yuckiness like I did on Monday and I didn’t crave junk. I decided since I only had one class yesterday, that I would make dinner. I was looking through an old Cooking Light magazine and found a pretty simple dish that everyone would like. 

Parmesan Chicken and Rice Casserole

Super easy recipe, a little less than 500 calories and almost 6 grams of fiber. I made a side of broiled plum tomatoes and served it all with a yummy spring salad.


I treated myself to a little something sweet. Local strawberries and a bit of the good stuff.


I was pleased with myself at the end of the day.

This morning I weighed myself (I don’t recommend weighing everyday since your weight can seriously fluctuate from day-to-day).  I did this to make a little bit of a point to those that think that if you go off track, there’s no recovering from it. This last weekend I ate… and I mean I ATE! Pepperoni pizza, margaritas, fried jalapeno and cream cheese pockets, cupcakes, soda, candy, movie popcorn and….. drum roll please…. The KFC new Double Down sandwich. For those of you that don’t know what that is…. it’s a sandwich that uses two of their fried chicken breasts as buns with cheese, bacon and a mayo based sauce in the middle. Google it, I’m sure you’ll be horrified that I ate it.

Point is… I gained! DUH! I could have seen that weight and said “oh hell, I’ll never get back on track”. But with just a couple of days of damage control I’m back at 134.5 pounds. Best thing about this journey is I’m not afraid any more when I slip up. I know what to do to fix it and I don’t get discouraged, even when I see a gain. For the first time in my life I’m at least confident about one thing, that I’ve got this under control and I will finish what I started.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



2 Responses to “Back in the Game.”

  1. The earthquakes every other week or so are really freaking me out, too! What is going on?!?!

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