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I’m not dead… Or fat! May 18, 2010

Holy Moly!

When I say life has been crazy, that’s an understatement. I was forced to take a break from the blog because we had NO INTERNET for almost a month! Clearly I survived without it lol. I got rid of face book because I was having some issues and most important I was spending too much time playing all the “ville” games and not enough time studying. Since these are the last 3 classes i need to get into the nursing program I needed to focus on not screwing them up!

I’ve noticed that by not blogging it’s harder for me to stay on track. I had no one to be accountable to. BUT that doesn’t mean I gained mass quantities of weight while I was gone. I have been keeping a close watch on my weight, doing some work-outs here and there and tighten up my eating when I see the numbers going up. I’ve been going in between 133-136 But never higher than that. Not gaining weight back is probably one of the biggest struggles everyone goes through. And right now it’s been especially hard because it seems like there’s some sort of party every weekend! Birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties… it’s been crazy. The worst is I’ve let Dr. Pepper sneak back in while I had the stomach flu about 2 weeks back. NOOOOOO! BAD CHRISTY! That stops today!

It’s finals week! That means at the end of the week I will have earned an AA in General Studies (it’s a nothing degree, but I figured if I earned it I might as well get it right?). I apply for Fresno City’s RN program in June and then I wait to be picked by a random lottery system on a computer…. no stress there!? I HATE not having control over it. I just have to wait… I’m not good at that. I’m already off the charts anxious about it. So cross your fingers for me and hope I get picked the first go around.

What else is new? Not much actually. Ed bought me the new Reebok Run Tones. It was a belated Mothers Day gift. They’re really interesting. it kinda feels like walking around on a bounce house if that makes sense? I’ve only had them for a few days so I will keep you updated on if I start seeing a difference.

These last few weeks I’ve had several people (whom I don’t know very well) come up and ask if I’ve lost weight and what I did. That’s always a nice thing. Helps get me back in the swing of things. I’ve still got weight to get off though and I need to get serious about it. I have a lot of studying to do this week but I have to try to fit in some work outs. I’m looking forward to taking a long walk with my new shoes.

Okay I gotta get back to the books. Thanks everyone for stopping by and I hope you’re all keeping up with your own personal goals!



Back in the Game. April 14, 2010

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I don’t know about any one else but all these earthquakes, and the freakish weather we’ve been having has got me a little on edge. It’s been a real struggle to not only dress myself appropriately, but my son as well. Last Friday as soon as I broke out my flip-flops I had to put them right back! Ugh!

Yesterday I realized that one of my favorite shirts had bleach dots on it and I have no idea where they came from. GRRRRR. Normally this would be no big deal, but it seems as though all the clothes that fit me now (since they are several years old) are coming apart! I’m super broke so there will be no shopping sprees in my future. I’m having to wear some of my bigger sized things to make do. Problem with that is I’m afraid of getting too comfortable in them and accidentally gaining weight because I’m not noticing them getting too tight. Oh well.

I had a good day yesterday my eating was spot on. I didn’t feel any yuckiness like I did on Monday and I didn’t crave junk. I decided since I only had one class yesterday, that I would make dinner. I was looking through an old Cooking Light magazine and found a pretty simple dish that everyone would like. 

Parmesan Chicken and Rice Casserole

Super easy recipe, a little less than 500 calories and almost 6 grams of fiber. I made a side of broiled plum tomatoes and served it all with a yummy spring salad.


I treated myself to a little something sweet. Local strawberries and a bit of the good stuff.


I was pleased with myself at the end of the day.

This morning I weighed myself (I don’t recommend weighing everyday since your weight can seriously fluctuate from day-to-day).  I did this to make a little bit of a point to those that think that if you go off track, there’s no recovering from it. This last weekend I ate… and I mean I ATE! Pepperoni pizza, margaritas, fried jalapeno and cream cheese pockets, cupcakes, soda, candy, movie popcorn and….. drum roll please…. The KFC new Double Down sandwich. For those of you that don’t know what that is…. it’s a sandwich that uses two of their fried chicken breasts as buns with cheese, bacon and a mayo based sauce in the middle. Google it, I’m sure you’ll be horrified that I ate it.

Point is… I gained! DUH! I could have seen that weight and said “oh hell, I’ll never get back on track”. But with just a couple of days of damage control I’m back at 134.5 pounds. Best thing about this journey is I’m not afraid any more when I slip up. I know what to do to fix it and I don’t get discouraged, even when I see a gain. For the first time in my life I’m at least confident about one thing, that I’ve got this under control and I will finish what I started.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



Detox April 13, 2010

Well, yesterday was my first day back in the saddle. it was my long day so it was pretty easy for me to stick to my guns. my rule on Mondays “if you didn’t pack it, you don’t eat it”. Since I didn’t have a chance to do my normal shopping for the week, I quickly ran to Vons before I headed off to class to pick up just what I needed for that day. I knew it was going to be a day full of cravings and headaches because of the total junk I’ve been eating the last couple weeks, so I chose things that would make it feel like I wasn’t totally depriving myself. I grabbed a pack of my special K shakes, a pineapple upside down cake yogurt, a pack of carrots and hummus and for my dinner I went with a pre-made roast beef torta.

You don’t realize how much crappy food effects you until you remove it from your diet. By noon I was super jittery and if I had been driving around I might have been tempted to drive through some fast food chain. But since I was sitting in my car waiting for class to start, I had my shake and felt a little less like a crack addict. At break I started on my yogurt and it was awful! I was so disappointed! It tasted like butter with pineapple chunks. I had maybe 3 bites and tossed it. I was planning on saving the carrots and hummus for my night class, but I knew if I didn’t have a snack I would be a mess the rest of the day. I love hummus… when I ran out of the carrots I just sat there and used my finger to spoon it in my mouth. Clearly I have no shame.

As I set off on my 30 minute drive to the Madera campus, I ripped open my torta and scarfed it while driving. Boy was it tasty! Roast beef, tomatoes, jalapenos and queso fresco all in a yummy bun. It was uber satisfying and truth be told, I probably could have eaten several of them. I drank plenty of water through out my day and didn’t feel too bad at the end of my day. When I got home around 9pm I had a bit of a sweet tooth and grabbed a nutter butter cookie.

Sleep was a big mess. All that water did a number on me through out the night. I think I got up 3 times to use the loo. My mother gets up around 4:30am to get ready for work… which means the house comes alive at that time. She’s coughing (because she still refuses to go to a Dr.), opening and closing cabinets, watching TV… and since she’s awake, so are the dogs. Our doggie door sounds like a gun shot going off every time they go in and out and my room just happens to be right above the damn thing.  I had a moment of “Should I get up and shoosh them?” needless to say I didn’t. Instead I laid there and cursed them.

I got up this morning cranky. I’m fairly sure the PMS monster is rearing its ugly head today. Between finding out that Ed washed his cells phone last night with the laundry, and finding out the one day I need someone to pick Cam up from school is the exact day my mother has to work over time…. I’m on serious edge. I got on the scale today and there was a .4 gain!? WTF!? I hope to God it’s because of my upcoming monthly curse. I was about to take my balance board and throw it at the television.

So I’m thinking I’m going to cook something healthy for dinner tonight since I only have one class. Just gotta figure out what I’m gonna make. Hrmmm. If you have any suggestions or good recipes let me know!

Have a great day!



Living Life April 12, 2010

Hello everyone!

So as you may have noticed I have not posted in a while. There are several reasons for my lack of updates.

1. I’ve been living life. I’ve been doing a lot of fun stuff and not so fun stuff. But I’ve been a busy bee. School has been nuts, I’ve been enjoying having Ed back and I’ve been extra focused on Cam. Let me tell you, being a mom, full-time student and girlfriend is no easy task.

2. I have not been on my best behavior with my eating… and I was almost afraid to get on the scale and have to admit to you all that I’ve gained some massive amount of weight in a 2 week period.  That would be such a let down for me.

I knew the longer I went without getting on that scale and updating my progress, the worse it would get and I could possibly go back to my old habits. I’ve worked too damn hard for that to happen!

This weekend I went to Sacramento to spend a little time with Ed. It was a conversation with our friends about how it’s important to know your families medical history so that you know what you’re up against, that got me back into the correct mind-set again. It’s not for looks… Ed loves me either way, as proven by the massive popcorn, soda and candy he insisted I eat at the movies. It’s the word “diabetes”. There is no question if I will get it if I become obese, I will get it. I can’t afford to take that chance. I’ve got a child that depends on me. So even though it wasn’t that big of a deal to have one too many slices of pizza, or to eat that extra cupcake this weekend… I know that I’m walking a fine line and in a way playing with fire.  One thing leads to another and I get into the mind-set “oh well just one Dr. pepper is not so bad…” That one Dr. Pepper leads to 2, and then running through Jack-in-the box for some fries… stopping and getting a $5 hot-n-ready and eating it by myself… Yeah I said by myself!

I gave away my larger sized jeans, and I can’t afford to by new ones… soooo going back to my old ways of eating is not an option. I will say that in my head it feels like I’ve gone way off track. But in actuality I’ve actually been doing okay. I have stuck to my normal eating routine for breakfast and lunch… it’s dinners that I’ve gone a little hay-wire with. That and my work-outs have been non-existant. Late night studying and stress has all but extinguished my energy level. I will do at least 3 work outs this week if it kills me! I know the lack of exercise is whats making me so dang sluggish.

With all that being said, I got on the scale this morning and I am 135.1 lbs. Soooo all things considered… I only gained .6 which is A LOT better than I was expecting. I was worried I was going to see a 5 pound gain. I’m glad I got straightened out now though. That’s still a normal weight, and a totally manageable gain. If I clean up my eating and do some exercise this week I’m pretty sure I can get back to at least 134.5 by the end of the week.

I just received a text from ed a few minutes ago saying he took one of my shakes to work and asked if that was really all I had for lunch. I told him that’s my lunch most days and I have a snack a couple of hours later. I told him that I hope that’s not all he brought himself for lunch because that would not be enough for him! His response was “oops”. Poor thing is going to be starving by the end of the day.

Well ya’ll thanks for stopping by. I will make sure i get back on track with the updates and pics. The Easter issue of Martha Stewarts Living has some fantastic looking healthy recipes that I plan on trying… so look out for those updates!



Updated pictures…finally! March 29, 2010

Hello ya’ll

Alright, so I’ve held off long enough… 25 pounds is a good marker to finally update the before and after pictures. I haven’t wanted to take them because even though I know I’ve lost weight… there are days when I just don’t see it. Sure my pants are loose and my bras are 2 sizes too big… but when I look at myself in the mirror, it’s the same girl I’ve always seen. I finally broke down and decided to get it over with. Keep in mind I’m dressed for a day at the zoo, I have yet to have my pants hemmed and I had no desire to do my hair. I’m pretty sure the zoo animals don’t care what I look like.

wow was I tan!

So there’s not much change from the front, I will always have chubby cheeks, big hips and big thighs… well unless I start running, which I keep saying I’m going to start and then never do it…

From the side view is when I realized, wow… I really did lose weight! Thanks again Darlyn for the stellar piecing together of the photos. I’m retarded when it comes to that stuff.

So today Cam and I went to our little zoo here in Fresno. Apparently every other jobless mom in the area had the same idea. Little too crowded for my taste but we had fun.

pretending to eat Cams chicken rings

He was nice enough to share a couple. I almost had a moment where I ripped them out of his hands and shoved them down my throat… but I managed to control myself.

The good ol' standby

When ever I’m at a place like the zoo, or some sort of park I usually go with a hotdog because if nothing else, I know it’s not deep-fried. We shared a water and went back to taking in the animals. My favorite section is the rainforest “habitat”. I put quotations because it’s literally the size of a small childs bedroom… but they’ve got some neat frogs and a sloth.

I lurv you misser fwoggy.

I don’t care if they’re poisonous… I WANT ONE!

We ended the trip with me caving to 2 toys from the gift shop instead of the one I tried to hold firm at. We had a great time and our pass doesn’t expire till the end of April so looks like we’ll be making a couple more trips in the near future.

Looks like I need to get back to entertaining the boy. We’re planting tomatoes and basil today!

Thanks for stopping by



I’m still here! March 25, 2010

OMG ya’ll!

So I haven’t had any time to blog, take pictures… nothing! The only thing I’ve had time for is school these last few weeks. I guess my teachers don’t have a life and would much rather spend their spring break grading stuff because they all made everything due this week! between papers, quizes, presentations and speeches… I’m exhausted!

Not to worry though I’ve done my best to stay on top of my game and not lose sight of my goal.

As of 3/24/10 I am 134.9 pounds! I’m almost there!

This has not been an easy month so far, with the return of Ed and too many birthday parties to count… I have been tested at every turn. I have done very well with making sure I stick to my portion sizing, drinking lots of water and preparing for party food. At one party I was expecting home-made mexican food, cuz that’s usually what they have when they do birthdays. But I was surprised when it was an assortment of salads! (okay so a part of me was a bit disappointed that there was no tortillas and beans). Seems as though everyone around me is trying to shape up and get healthy! My exercise routine has slipped, but that’s mainly because of the amount of time I’m having to spend at a desk reading or writing junk.

Ed wants us to start running together and now that the treadmill has been dug out from under the garage junk… I really have no excuse. I told him I have to train myself to get to his level and I didn’t want to run with him till then, otherwise I’d feel self conscious or bad that he was hanging back with me. Sooooo that’s my goal for Spring break… get into running shape. I will say the new skinnier Christy was much appreciated by the Bf. 😉

There has been some sort of bug running through the house that I have been trying to avoid! Cam had bronchitis, and as soon as he got better my mother came down with some sort of cold/flu/stomach flu thing. She refuses to go to see a doctor which worries me that it’s going to spread like wild fire. I DO NOT have time to be sick.

Only about 5 more pounds to go…. seems like yesterday when I was saying how I need to lose 30 pounds.

Thanks for checking in! And here’s a little inspiration for ya…

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

~ Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill ~


My Weekend of Indulgence March 15, 2010

Happy Monday everyone.

I’m back from my trip to Sacramento. There will be no pictures of this weekend because I’m pretty sure people would have looked at me funny if I was taking pictures of my food… not to mention Ed would have questioned my sanity.

I went to Sac fully prepared and armed for the temptation I would be up against. Not only is my boyfriend an amazing cook, but he also has a flare for indulging myself and his children to good food as a way to show is affection. Hence my weight of 160 pounds at the time of his departure. When I arrived I was amazed at how much he had slimmed down himself! “Well hellloooo…” We all went out for pizza… he of course got waaaay too much. But I was good! I had one slice of pepperoni and two little slices of the small cheese and I only drank water. Probably way more than I’d normally eat but with a bf sitting there saying “have another, this is a cheat weekend… we’re celebrating” it’s hard to stick to any diet routine.

The next day we got up early and did domestic stuff like clean the house and run to the grocery store. I got myself some coffee, my shakes and yogurt so I could at least stay on course during the day. We had a birthday party to go to that night and the family is well-known for throwing down on party grub. I made sure I stuck to my normal eating habits so I could enjoy whatever goodies they had. To my surprise most of the goodies where on the healthy side! The birthday girl is a vegetarian so she made some really good “pizzas”. She took wheat pita breads, brushed them with olive oil, put spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta and walnuts on them then heated them up. Soooo tasty and I didn’t feel guilty for scarfing on them. They had an assortment of cheese with apples and these little turkey sandwiches made with those Hawaiian bread rolls. YUM! I had a couple drinks… it was a celebration! When we left, I felt pretty good about how I handled it.

There was only one item that I couldn’t seem to control myself with. Ed made this avocado/salsa dip that was fricken amazing. I found myself sneaking a few chips here and there throughout the whole weekend. Sigh…

Sunday Ed made bbq’d burgers. This is one of his specialties. He likes to “invent” signature burgers, the more outrageous and big they are the better. He sautéed onions, mushrooms and jalapenos to top them with this time. They were so sloppy and delicious… I ate the whole dang thing and loved every bite. “Dear Ed’s cooking, how I’ve missed you…”

Needless to say I felt completely stuffed. I haven’t ate like this in a while and I was starting to feel it. I drank as much water as I could through the whole weekend, knowing I wouldn’t get any work-outs in I was hoping to combat the high caloric foods with water. The night ended with a mexican pastry… way to control yourself Christy!

This morning I got up and drove the long 3 hours home. I had plenty of time to think since my stereo is out of commission. I realized just how tired I was and how I was looking forward to being in my own bed without someone snoring in my ear. Before you get on me… yes I was sad to be leaving. Long distance relationships are rough. But you make it work if it’s worth it. Maybe one day we can bridge the gap between us. Fingers crossed.

When I got home I brewed myself a cup of coffee and got myself settled back into my normal everyday schedule. I jumped on the scale to see what kind of damage control I’d need to do this week. Pizza, burgers and alcoholic beverages… I was expecting to see a nasty number pop up on the screen. To my surprise I lost!?

3/15/10 136.9 lbs.

Okay… so… maybe my metabolism came back to life? Whatever happened, I’m certainly glad it picked this weekend to do it! lol

Ed is planning on helping me start running… not sure if this is a good thing. Last time I ran with a significant other it just caused huge arguments lol. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Monday goes by quickly!



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