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Updated pictures…finally! March 29, 2010

Hello ya’ll

Alright, so I’ve held off long enough… 25 pounds is a good marker to finally update the before and after pictures. I haven’t wanted to take them because even though I know I’ve lost weight… there are days when I just don’t see it. Sure my pants are loose and my bras are 2 sizes too big… but when I look at myself in the mirror, it’s the same girl I’ve always seen. I finally broke down and decided to get it over with. Keep in mind I’m dressed for a day at the zoo, I have yet to have my pants hemmed and I had no desire to do my hair. I’m pretty sure the zoo animals don’t care what I look like.

wow was I tan!

So there’s not much change from the front, I will always have chubby cheeks, big hips and big thighs… well unless I start running, which I keep saying I’m going to start and then never do it…

From the side view is when I realized, wow… I really did lose weight! Thanks again Darlyn for the stellar piecing together of the photos. I’m retarded when it comes to that stuff.

So today Cam and I went to our little zoo here in Fresno. Apparently every other jobless mom in the area had the same idea. Little too crowded for my taste but we had fun.

pretending to eat Cams chicken rings

He was nice enough to share a couple. I almost had a moment where I ripped them out of his hands and shoved them down my throat… but I managed to control myself.

The good ol' standby

When ever I’m at a place like the zoo, or some sort of park I usually go with a hotdog because if nothing else, I know it’s not deep-fried. We shared a water and went back to taking in the animals. My favorite section is the rainforest “habitat”. I put quotations because it’s literally the size of a small childs bedroom… but they’ve got some neat frogs and a sloth.

I lurv you misser fwoggy.

I don’t care if they’re poisonous… I WANT ONE!

We ended the trip with me caving to 2 toys from the gift shop instead of the one I tried to hold firm at. We had a great time and our pass doesn’t expire till the end of April so looks like we’ll be making a couple more trips in the near future.

Looks like I need to get back to entertaining the boy. We’re planting tomatoes and basil today!

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Spring Break. March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday ya’ll

How was everyone’s weekend? Good I hope. Mine was uneventful. Friday my dad started his new job at a local winery… I was pulling for this job for obvious reasons lol. With letting go of one household stress, always comes a new stress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super glad he found a job… but now I have to find after school care for my son on the days I have classes during the time he’s not in school. Not only is it a money issue, but I don’t really trust anyone but his immediate family with him. I’m sure that’s a mom thing. Both of us are currently on spring break so this gives me a week to find someone cheap and trustworthy to pick him up after school and watch him for a half hour, 2 days a week. My boyfriend has agreed to come out and do the job the first week after spring break if I can’t find someone in time since he is currently unemployed. That eased the stress a bit.

My mother decided to fix my dad a special dinner to celebrate the new job. Paella and lemon merengue pie. With my running around that day, I forgot to eat lunch and by the time I realized I was hungry, dinner was almost ready. I just held out because I didn’t want to ruin my appetite when such a yummy meal was coming up.


Omg was it good! There is nothing low-fat or low-calorie about this dish, so it was all about portion control. Rice, chicken thighs with the skin (i don’t eat the skin cuz it grosses me out), linguica, shrimp and clams… my stomach growls just thinking about it. I kept myself under control, although I did have some french bread with real butter slathered on it lol.  I did not have a piece of pie, even though it was very tempting. I went for an oatmeal raisin chocolate chip walnut cookie instead. The paella must have have been seriously salty because I became super thirsty and chugged a couple big glasses of water that night. That made for a fun night of sleeping… not to mention not eating all day then eating a big greasy meal… my stomach was not my friend after.

I got on the scale yesterday to see if I had caused any damage during the week.

3/27/10 134.5 lbs.

I have hit the 25 pound mark. 5 more pounds to go! The wii has officially put me in the “normal” category for weight… I am no longer overweight. Very excited and proud. With everything good, I get a little negativity from random corners of my life. This week was no exception. But with this journey I’ve been on, I’ve learned a little bit how to be secure in myself, love who I am and appreciate those that love me that much more.

This week will be interesting. Cam and I will be home all week and I’m determined to not have us spend it sitting on our butts staring at a tv or computer screen. I’ve found some cool little science experiments to do that should be fun. Might take a trip to our little zoo and take some nature walks on the trail by the house.

Any other suggestions? I’d love to hear any cheap ideas to keep him from being bored all week.

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