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Spring Break. March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday ya’ll

How was everyone’s weekend? Good I hope. Mine was uneventful. Friday my dad started his new job at a local winery… I was pulling for this job for obvious reasons lol. With letting go of one household stress, always comes a new stress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super glad he found a job… but now I have to find after school care for my son on the days I have classes during the time he’s not in school. Not only is it a money issue, but I don’t really trust anyone but his immediate family with him. I’m sure that’s a mom thing. Both of us are currently on spring break so this gives me a week to find someone cheap and trustworthy to pick him up after school and watch him for a half hour, 2 days a week. My boyfriend has agreed to come out and do the job the first week after spring break if I can’t find someone in time since he is currently unemployed. That eased the stress a bit.

My mother decided to fix my dad a special dinner to celebrate the new job. Paella and lemon merengue pie. With my running around that day, I forgot to eat lunch and by the time I realized I was hungry, dinner was almost ready. I just held out because I didn’t want to ruin my appetite when such a yummy meal was coming up.


Omg was it good! There is nothing low-fat or low-calorie about this dish, so it was all about portion control. Rice, chicken thighs with the skin (i don’t eat the skin cuz it grosses me out), linguica, shrimp and clams… my stomach growls just thinking about it. I kept myself under control, although I did have some french bread with real butter slathered on it lol.  I did not have a piece of pie, even though it was very tempting. I went for an oatmeal raisin chocolate chip walnut cookie instead. The paella must have have been seriously salty because I became super thirsty and chugged a couple big glasses of water that night. That made for a fun night of sleeping… not to mention not eating all day then eating a big greasy meal… my stomach was not my friend after.

I got on the scale yesterday to see if I had caused any damage during the week.

3/27/10 134.5 lbs.

I have hit the 25 pound mark. 5 more pounds to go! The wii has officially put me in the “normal” category for weight… I am no longer overweight. Very excited and proud. With everything good, I get a little negativity from random corners of my life. This week was no exception. But with this journey I’ve been on, I’ve learned a little bit how to be secure in myself, love who I am and appreciate those that love me that much more.

This week will be interesting. Cam and I will be home all week and I’m determined to not have us spend it sitting on our butts staring at a tv or computer screen. I’ve found some cool little science experiments to do that should be fun. Might take a trip to our little zoo and take some nature walks on the trail by the house.

Any other suggestions? I’d love to hear any cheap ideas to keep him from being bored all week.

Thanks for stopping by!



I’m still here! March 25, 2010

OMG ya’ll!

So I haven’t had any time to blog, take pictures… nothing! The only thing I’ve had time for is school these last few weeks. I guess my teachers don’t have a life and would much rather spend their spring break grading stuff because they all made everything due this week! between papers, quizes, presentations and speeches… I’m exhausted!

Not to worry though I’ve done my best to stay on top of my game and not lose sight of my goal.

As of 3/24/10 I am 134.9 pounds! I’m almost there!

This has not been an easy month so far, with the return of Ed and too many birthday parties to count… I have been tested at every turn. I have done very well with making sure I stick to my portion sizing, drinking lots of water and preparing for party food. At one party I was expecting home-made mexican food, cuz that’s usually what they have when they do birthdays. But I was surprised when it was an assortment of salads! (okay so a part of me was a bit disappointed that there was no tortillas and beans). Seems as though everyone around me is trying to shape up and get healthy! My exercise routine has slipped, but that’s mainly because of the amount of time I’m having to spend at a desk reading or writing junk.

Ed wants us to start running together and now that the treadmill has been dug out from under the garage junk… I really have no excuse. I told him I have to train myself to get to his level and I didn’t want to run with him till then, otherwise I’d feel self conscious or bad that he was hanging back with me. Sooooo that’s my goal for Spring break… get into running shape. I will say the new skinnier Christy was much appreciated by the Bf. 😉

There has been some sort of bug running through the house that I have been trying to avoid! Cam had bronchitis, and as soon as he got better my mother came down with some sort of cold/flu/stomach flu thing. She refuses to go to see a doctor which worries me that it’s going to spread like wild fire. I DO NOT have time to be sick.

Only about 5 more pounds to go…. seems like yesterday when I was saying how I need to lose 30 pounds.

Thanks for checking in! And here’s a little inspiration for ya…

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

~ Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill ~


My Weekend of Indulgence March 15, 2010

Happy Monday everyone.

I’m back from my trip to Sacramento. There will be no pictures of this weekend because I’m pretty sure people would have looked at me funny if I was taking pictures of my food… not to mention Ed would have questioned my sanity.

I went to Sac fully prepared and armed for the temptation I would be up against. Not only is my boyfriend an amazing cook, but he also has a flare for indulging myself and his children to good food as a way to show is affection. Hence my weight of 160 pounds at the time of his departure. When I arrived I was amazed at how much he had slimmed down himself! “Well hellloooo…” We all went out for pizza… he of course got waaaay too much. But I was good! I had one slice of pepperoni and two little slices of the small cheese and I only drank water. Probably way more than I’d normally eat but with a bf sitting there saying “have another, this is a cheat weekend… we’re celebrating” it’s hard to stick to any diet routine.

The next day we got up early and did domestic stuff like clean the house and run to the grocery store. I got myself some coffee, my shakes and yogurt so I could at least stay on course during the day. We had a birthday party to go to that night and the family is well-known for throwing down on party grub. I made sure I stuck to my normal eating habits so I could enjoy whatever goodies they had. To my surprise most of the goodies where on the healthy side! The birthday girl is a vegetarian so she made some really good “pizzas”. She took wheat pita breads, brushed them with olive oil, put spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta and walnuts on them then heated them up. Soooo tasty and I didn’t feel guilty for scarfing on them. They had an assortment of cheese with apples and these little turkey sandwiches made with those Hawaiian bread rolls. YUM! I had a couple drinks… it was a celebration! When we left, I felt pretty good about how I handled it.

There was only one item that I couldn’t seem to control myself with. Ed made this avocado/salsa dip that was fricken amazing. I found myself sneaking a few chips here and there throughout the whole weekend. Sigh…

Sunday Ed made bbq’d burgers. This is one of his specialties. He likes to “invent” signature burgers, the more outrageous and big they are the better. He sautéed onions, mushrooms and jalapenos to top them with this time. They were so sloppy and delicious… I ate the whole dang thing and loved every bite. “Dear Ed’s cooking, how I’ve missed you…”

Needless to say I felt completely stuffed. I haven’t ate like this in a while and I was starting to feel it. I drank as much water as I could through the whole weekend, knowing I wouldn’t get any work-outs in I was hoping to combat the high caloric foods with water. The night ended with a mexican pastry… way to control yourself Christy!

This morning I got up and drove the long 3 hours home. I had plenty of time to think since my stereo is out of commission. I realized just how tired I was and how I was looking forward to being in my own bed without someone snoring in my ear. Before you get on me… yes I was sad to be leaving. Long distance relationships are rough. But you make it work if it’s worth it. Maybe one day we can bridge the gap between us. Fingers crossed.

When I got home I brewed myself a cup of coffee and got myself settled back into my normal everyday schedule. I jumped on the scale to see what kind of damage control I’d need to do this week. Pizza, burgers and alcoholic beverages… I was expecting to see a nasty number pop up on the screen. To my surprise I lost!?

3/15/10 136.9 lbs.

Okay… so… maybe my metabolism came back to life? Whatever happened, I’m certainly glad it picked this weekend to do it! lol

Ed is planning on helping me start running… not sure if this is a good thing. Last time I ran with a significant other it just caused huge arguments lol. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Monday goes by quickly!



Today’s the day! March 12, 2010

Happy Friday ya’ll,

So I wasn’t planning on doing a post at all this weekend because I’ve pretty much got one foot out the door to go to Sacramento. BUT… I’m so full of nervous energy that I decided to weigh myself just for the hell of it.

137.1!!!!!! WHAT!? How did I do that?! Must be the fact that my heart has been beating out of my chest for the past 2 days in the thought of seeing my boy friend after 9 months. It certainly wasn’t my superb, on point eating and exercising yesterday…

Red velvet cupcake from Starbucks...

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. It started off great till I had an all out screaming match with my parents (avoid living with your parents after you become an adult). My good mood was completely shot and I just wanted to lay in bed the rest of the day. I had night class in Madera and since I skipped last week, I knew I had to go. I was texting my friend Shella about the whole fiasco that happened at home and she told me to stop by after class because she had a little gift for me.

I love going over to Shella’s. She has 2 of the most well-behaved funny teenage girls I’ve ever met. And believe me I know. I have to deal with this wretched generation of princesses and stupid asses on a regular basis in my classes. She got me a bottle of Merlot to celebrate Ed’s homecoming which was very sweet. I told her I might drink it all by myself tonight with the day I’ve had. I didn’t of course. We decided to go to Starbucks and have coffee. I had a Grande Soy Chai and the above cupcake. We talked and laughed… I really needed it. Thanks Shell!

Right now I’m just waiting for my laundry to be done so I can pack up some clothes and head out the door. Not seeing your significant other for 9 months is no fun. I’m such a mixed ball of emotions right now… as I said on facebook this morning… I kinda want to puke. The 3 hour drive is going to be torture! I will make sure I post on Monday and tell you all about it… well not ALL about it lol 😉

Thanks for stopping by!



1 day left! Ahhhhh! March 11, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Since I will not be available this weekend to do the “official” 30 day weigh-in. I’m doing it today. I know I keep saying I will do a picture update, but I actually have too many pics and not enough room on the camera… so once I take the time to download all the pics to the puter I can take it. But lets just say, the size 6 jeans I got last week are already feeling a bit loose!

Here it is….. drum roll please!

In the beginning: 159.5 lbs

Today: 138 lbs.

That’s 21.5 pounds since September. Not the 30 pounds I was hoping to reach, but I’m okay with that. This was a huge learning experience filled with trial and error… a lot of error.  If it’s anything I’ve learned through this process it’s that most of losing weight and getting healthy is a mind game. People say “will power”, but I’ve never liked that saying. I think it’s a mind over matter thing. Talking to yourself and compromising on things your mind is struggling with. Being 5’2″ and pretty much 160 pounds, I felt out of control. Now I feel great!

Anywaysss… enough of my Biggest Loser lecture.

The last couple days have been a bit crazy. Tuesday I felt like I over ate for some reason… maybe it was the light/0 fat potato chips and light onion dip I pigged out on before having cheese ravs in marinara for dinner… ? I also had a banana and sugar-free chocolate mousse for dessert… okay so I felt over stuffed and I know exactly why.

That night I watched The Biggest Loser and started to hear a little faint voice in my head whispering “get up lazy ass and exercise!” That whisper quickly turned into screams and by 10:30pm I was in the living room strapping on my wii active gear. I did a 30 minute work-out and blasted through my expected calorie burn. I felt fantastic afterword! Sure I didn’t sleep good at all that night, but I didn’t feel like a lump either.

Yesterday I packed up my shake and a delight parfait for my eats while in class. I had to run a few errands before class in preparation for the bf’s homecoming. I’m UBER excited….

On my way to campus I got a sudden craving for some kind of grilled chicken salad. One of those painful cravings… like.. if I don’t get a salad now I’m going to die, kind of cravings. I had planned on my shake for lunch because my mother was going to make chicken picatta for dinner. With a craving this size I knew that my shake just wouldn’t satisfy my and I’d feel like crap the rest of the day. I ran through Carl’s Jr. and picked up their apple cranberry and walnut chicken salad.

No, I didn't take a bubble bath like Kim K. on the commercial.

I was super good. Feta, walnuts, cranberries, chicken and a raspberry vinaigrette. The apples I didn’t eat cuz they kind of looked like an after thought with only 3 slices… kinda pointless. I googled the nutritional facts so I could see if this was a good salad or bad salad. Some of those fast food salads are just as bad as having a burger and fries…. watch yourself! But with only 300 calories, 11g fat and 4g of fiber…. it was a pretty good meal. That’s only 6 points for weight watchers. Totally satisfied the craving.

I was up late last night trying to get school work done. Next week I have an exam, speech and rough draft of a term paper due. Since I am headed out to Sacramento this weekend, I started to panic thinking I couldn’t get it all done! When I woke up, or should I say when Cameron woke me up I felt the damage of my late night work-out from Tuesday. OOOOWWWW! My knee feels all jacked up. It feels like it’s not exactly in place… that’s probably not good. My feet are always turned out, not because I used to dance but that’s just the way they are. So doing lunges sometimes screws with my knees because your toes should be facing forward, but that’s not a natural position for my legs. Any one have an alternative? I don’t like feeling like my knee cap is going to pop off at any moment.

Well I have a busy day ahead of me. Between classes and getting ready for my trip to Sac, I hope I can get it all done.

Thanks for stopping by!



Yummy bites. March 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday every one! 

So as promised, I tried some new recipes on Sunday for the Academy Awards. It was just my parents and I, but I love watching the Oscars so I wanted to make it kind of special. These recipes I found on-line and didn’t think to remember the web site…. sooooo just know I did not create these recipes. 

First…. while shopping for the ingredients I found these… 

In the words of Rachel Zoe... "I DIE!"

Yoplait 100 calorie Delight Parfaits…. This was the lemon tart. Pardon me for cussing… but holy shit are they good! They have 4 flavors, this one, chocolate raspberry, caramel creme and triple berry creme…… HIGHLY recommend them. I actually went back to restock today and they were completely out… yeah they’re that good. 

Okay on to the recipes… 

Mini spinach Calzones

  • 10 oz pkg frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
  • 1/2 8 ounce package of Neufchtel (reduced fat cream cheese) softened
  • 2 TBLS.  grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 TBLS. chopped green onion
  • 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
  • A 13.8 ounce can refrigerated pizza dough (I used philsberry)
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 TBLS. water
  • 1 TBLS. grated parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 400. Line baking sheets with foil and spray with non stick cooking spray. In medium bowl stir together spinach, cream cheese, 2 tbls parmesan, green onion, pepper and salt. 

Unroll pizza dough on a lightly floured surface; roll dough into a 15 inch square. Cut dough into 25 3 inch squares. Spoon filling onto the center of the squares. combine egg white and water and use a brush to lightly brush the edges of the squares. Fold dough to make a triangle and pinch closed. brush tops of triangles with egg wash and sprinkle with remaining parmesan cheese. Poke tops for an air vent. 

Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. I served them warm with warm pizza sauce. So good! Only 56 calories and 2g of fat! 

Fresh mozzarella, basil and prosciutto

Pretty self explanatory. Get the mini fresh mozzarella balls fold basil and prosciutto around the ball and toothpick. My personal fave because it’s so dang easy. 

Basil Garlic Tomatoes


  • 2 TBLS. light sour cream
  • 2 TBLS. snipped fresh basil
  • 1 TBLS Neufchtel
  • 1 clove garlic
  • cracked pepper
  • 16 cherry tomatoes halved.

Mix all ingredients and place in a small zip lock bag. Snip one end and pipe topping onto tomatoes. This one was my dads favorite. Best part… for 8 tomato halves it’s only 31 calories and 1g of fat! 

They were all super simple and really tasty. I could kinda pig out and not feel bad about it! 

Yesterday I decided to have a cheat day and scarfed down a single cheese burger and fries from In and Out Burger… it was well deserved and I didn’t feel guilty at all about it. I have come to realize that I can have these things once in a while… just not every damn day. And when I do splurge, I know that I can make up for it and stick with what I’m trying to accomplish. That’s such a good feeling. 

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoy those recipes as much as we did! 



Random Weigh-in March 7, 2010

Hello ya’ll. How is everyone on this Sunday morning?

I haven’t done an official weigh-in for a while… so let’s get right to it.

My weight when I started in September: 159.5 lbs.

My weight as of today March 7th: 138.2 lbs.

Finally broke the yo-yo that was happening for the last 2 weeks. I switched up my eating a little and did a little more exercise than I have been (still not as much as I should be). I’m pleased though! It wasn’t some “lose 30 pounds in 2 months” kind of diet, but it’s been working for me and I’ve been able to continuously lose weight even when I strayed from my eating and exercise plan. This really was a life changing experience for me.

Last night I was reading some of my posts from when I first set on this journey. It doesn’t seem like the same person! I was feeling sick and run down all the time, addicted to soda and fast food, in a size 14 and contemplating having to get a bigger size. I’m so glad I decided to do this. I honestly don’t think I would have stuck with it if I hadn’t kept posting and people weren’t reading. So thanks everyone that stops by and cheers me on. I’ve noticed friends join in on my get healthy quest, comments of tread mills, yummy healthy recipes and a general “let’s get healthy” attitude. I hope I had a hand in their movement.

Next week I will take an update picture to show my physical change. Next week marks the end of my time goal. But since I know there’s no way I could lose 9 pounds safely in one week… I will continue this blog till I reach my goal and after in order to maintain the work I’ve done.

Now… on to my day yesterday. After I had my normal breakfast I ran out to Target for some bathroom cleaning supplies. Apparently it was bring your screaming children to Target day… Thank goodness I have a well-behaved child who knows that very bad things would happen if he were to have a melt down in the middle of a store, over a toy he can’t have. Usually I take my time at Target and browse… I find it soothing. But not yesterday I grabbed some cleaners and got out as quick as I could before I impulsively covered a child’s mouth with my hand. I got home and put on some good oldies I had downloaded the day before. Elton John, The Eagles, Chicago, Carole King and Fleetwood Mac make cleaning the bath room much more enjoyable. Since I broke a sweat scrubbing the bath tub and toilette, I considered that to be a bit of my workout done.

I was starving when lunch rolled around and decided to switch it up and skip my shake. I’ve been feeling like I needed to mix up my food so I don’t get in a rut.

Doesn't look very attractive.. but it hit the spot.

We had some left over swai (white, boneless fish kind of like Talapia) and rice.  I put a quarter avocado and mixed it up with a bit of lemon. YUM! Soooo good. BTW.. the fish is “battered with a bit of flour and seasoning, then baked in the oven. I drank a ton of water yesterday since lately I’ve been slacking in my fluid intake. When I had opened the microwave to heat up my lunch… this is what I found already inside…

Home made peach and blackberry crisp...

Granted… this is better than a cobbler… but still. It was whipped up late the night before by my mother at the request of my father… as you can see it was well like, seeing as half of it had been eaten. If I didn’t know any better I would say they are trying to sabotage me! Alas, I scooped my self a little bit but it tasted way too sweet to me so I didn’t eat it.

Christy: 1      Moms baked goods:0

My friend Shaandi gave me a recipe for gluten-free pancakes, so I gave them a shot last night since I had all the stuff to make them in the pantry. I won’t give the recipe since she is trying to write a cook book and asked if I would try it out and tell her what I thought. I love being a tester! I will say, gluten-free is NOT a healthier option. If you aren’t allergic in some fashion, I do not recommend becoming gluten-free as a part of a healthy life style. Most gluten-free things are loaded with fat and calories to try to mask how bad they taste. I was so tired of my stomach issues awhile back, I decided to go gluten-free. I read “The G Free Diet” and was excited to get on my way. I bought a $7 loaf of gluten-free bread at Whole Foods that was about the size of a pack of english muffins… only to find out it was like eating a sponge. It was virtually un edible unless you toasted it, and even then it wasn’t like regular bread. Needless to say I gave that up fairly quickly. I now just stay away from things with a lot of gluten that triggers the stomach issues. One of those being pancakes.

Yes.. that's a Christmas plate...

They came out really nice. They don’t puff up as much as regular pancakes so I thought of them more as ho cakes.

Sugar free syrup as always

They were good! Not like regular pancakes, but still tasty. They had cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger in them so it was almost like eating a spice cake. It was a good end to my day.

Today is the Academy Awards. I printed out ballots for me and my folks to pick our winners… although I don’t think I’ve actually seen any of the films nominated lol. Oh well, it’s still fun. I’m going to be trying out some new healthy appetizer and dip recipes for us to enjoy while we watch. If they turn out good I will share the recipes.

What is everyone else doing tonight? Will you be watching? Who do you think will win?

Thanks for stopping by!



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